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Sabtastic's News

Posted by Sabtastic - December 7th, 2014

Hey! Guess who's headed out to Magfest again this year! 

It's this really cool Music and Gaming festival that happens in Newport Maryland, USA at the end of January. A bunch of the Newgrounds dudes usually go, so I'll be there with TomFulp, JohnnyUtah, Oney, SpazkidShadmanNackem, DigsbotGentlemanTrooper, and Esquirebob

Say hi if you're going too! Always cool to meet fellow Newgrounds people!  


On a side note; I'm also going to be staying at the Newgrounds office in Philly (or nearby with friends) for a month, from January 12th to February 12th so maybe you'll hear from me on one of the upcoming Sleepycabin Sleepycasts! c:

Hope everybody's doing well! You can definitely expect a higher volume of art uploads starting December 24th -- I'm not going to be in school or working my day job for 3 months -- so I'll just be doing comic cons and creating content full time~!! <3  Woo! 

PS: if you're looking for any of us at MAGfest this weekend, you can use these for reference:


Original art credit goes to Oney [x]

Posted by Sabtastic - October 2nd, 2014


My emergency commissions from back in June are finally done! Woo!

Keep an eye on my gallery to see how they all turned out. As of right now, I'm posting a new one every day on TUMBLR, but they'll get posted here eventually in small batches, too. 5 of them are already posted! :D


So, just an update on that whole 'emergency commission' situation: It's all OK now thanks to all of you fantabulous, generous, awesome people! c: Long story short, I was raising funds and opened commissions because I got into my first vehicular collision (entirely my fault, nobody got hurt) and I wanted to pay for it out of pocket. Turns out, I know nothing about autobody costs and buying somebody a new bumper costs AN ARM AND A LEG, so I needed a little extra help. Anyway, it's all totally fine now - so, yay!


I really need to take a second to seriously say thank you to everyone here on Newgrounds for all the support, encouragement, and for always giving me that sense of community that no other website does. I feel right at home here. You friends, fellow creators, supporters, and followers are seriously one of the reasons that I keep making art. I've met some people who started out here and they're seriously some of the most interesting, inspiring people I know. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that you guys were there to help me out when I got into a pickle, and I'm really grateful for that.

Thanks a million. <3 


Posted by Sabtastic - September 18th, 2014

Hey guys! Lnog time no talk! 

Sorry I've been so scarce lately. SO MUCH has been going on! It's that time of year.

Been missing my newgrounds buddies though! What's new with all of you?!


One more year left until I'm a full-fledged secondary school art teacher! Woo! I ended up getting into all of the classes I needed last minute (literally the day before school started) so now I'm taking drawing, abstract wood sculpture, and a teaching course. They're all pretty neat so far. Except for the abstract sculpture one. I've literally just spent that course time hot-glueing scrap pieces of wood together and calling it art. :I ... ANYWAY! Fun times to be had. Lots of new traditional art to show ya! 


If there's anybody still waiting for me to post those 13 emergency commissions from back in June, sorry to keep you all waiting! I'm mostly finished now and I can send you a copy of yours whenever you like. There's one or two more that I want to fix up a bit before I post them all, but for the most part, I'll be posting them up whenever my next full day off rolls around. Again, sorry it's been so delayed! I'm making sure to throw in extra variations and transparencies for everybody to make up for their patience. c:


There's a bunch of cool stuff available on my Society6 page now! All the t-shirts come in different sizes and colours, and there's a ton of variations so you can customize your order. Have a peek! The profits go straight to my tuition and/or art supplies for school. I'm just listed as Sabtastic: http://society6.com/sabtastic 

2916822_141106735733_tsrmw120_b.jpg 2916822_141106738772_bagtote16_b.jpg 2916822_141106741072_clkfkhw_b.jpg 

2916822_141106750493_frm715bl01_b.jpg 2916822_141106756961_tsrww101_b.jpg 2916822_141106764652_bagtote16_b.jpg

 2916822_141106766743_tnkw110_b.jpg 2916822_141106744523_mugs11_b.jpg 2916822_141106914753_bagtote16_b.jpg


I wasn't really expecting to go back to school, so I still have a bunch of expos to sell artwork at. It's tough to juggle all of this while going to school and working a day job, but it helps a hell of a lot to pay for tuition!

By the way, if you ever meet me at one of these, mention that you're on Newgrounds and I'll probably give you some free Newgrounds stuff! ...Maybe even a free print if I'm feeling extra nice! ;)  


Saskatoon Expo: Sept 21-22, Saskatchewan <-- THIS WEEKEND! :D

Edmonton Expo: Sept 26-28th, Alberta

Lethbridge Expo: Nov 22-23rd, Alberta.


Magfest: Jan 2015, Maryland USA: I really want to make it out to Maryland this winter for Magfest 2015.  It was SO MUCH FUN last year, I have to go back. Gonna do whatever I can to make it work. I don't plan on selling artwork there since it's a 24 hour vendor hall and I'd rather be socializing with friends, but I'll definitely still try to be there so if you're going too maybe we'll cross paths!

Pico Day 2015: April/May: Glenside PA: I usually make a spring trip out to Philly to visit with my Newgrounds/Sleepycabin buddies around this time of year, so expect that! I don't know for sure if I'll be able to get to Pico Day because I've got a huge comic con to do that weekend, but I'll visit near that weekend for sure!!

Emerald City Comic Con: March 27-29 2015: Washington: I haven't signed up for this expo yet, but it's HUGE and it's on my bucket list. If I manage to get into this, I'll get to hang out with my art bro Nikkinacks and attend the artist alley of my first ever USA comic con!! Wee! 

Fan Expo: Aug 22-23 2015: Toronto, ON: This is one of Canada's biggest comic cons and I HAVE TO GO HERE at some point, just to say I've done it. I've heard it's VERY difficult to get into, but I really want to branch out into the East Coast Canadian comic cons, so this will be a good way to get my feet wet, I think. :o 

Posted by Sabtastic - June 8th, 2014

Update: Aug 1st: 


I'm side-tracked prepping for comic cons - it's artist alley season so I'm trying to meet old deadlines at the moment. The linework is all finished for the artwork now - it's been done for a few weeks, but I haven't had a chance to sit down and shade them yet. x__x Really sorry dudes!! 

Update: July 15th:

I have internet at home finally!! Weeee! :D 
Commissions will be done any day now. Thanks everybody for your patience and support. 

Update: July 12th: 

(I'm posting this from work SHHH.)
I moved out of my old apartment! Moving took a couple days, but I'm getting internet at my new place on Monday the 14th! Couldn't have them set it up any sooner, so I've just been chugging away at commissions without referenes/internet in the meantime. Sorry for the hold-up! I'd say they're all really coming along nicely. Only 3 more left to finish out of .... 13 or so!  Oh! And I exchanged my cintiq for a new, not broken one! Just finished re-installing all my art programs and brushes. 

Update: Jun 18th: 

Chipping away at the last half of the commissions! Line art is always the longest stage of the process and I'm really having fun with the designs so far, so I wanna make them all look really good! c: ... On a side note, I had my brand new Cintiq Companion blue-screen on me the other day, and now it won't charge properly. :c That set me back a day or two, so I'm moving all of my art over to my home tablet now.

Just wanted to let you know in case you're dying to see your artwork!! I'll post it all at once when it's done. c:

Update: Jun 10th:

Tuesday: Making good progress on the commissions! They are ALL sketched and just waiting to get inked. I can't believe the positive response and support I'm getting from you guys. Thank you SO much for everything -- even if you couldn't donate, just the thought that your support can get me through tough times like this means the world to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'll keep you all updated on the situation and will have some new art for you soon!!

EDIT: Jun 8th: 

Slots filled for now. Huge thanks to everybody for the support and donations. Don't worry; I'm okay.


Hey guys; 

I'm in a pretty sticky situation right now and I need cash quick; check out my Tumblr if you've got some cash to spare to help me out.

[ Emergency Commissions ]

TL;DR; I'm an idiot and I need an adult. Help. 

Posted by Sabtastic - May 20th, 2014

What's up everybody! I have returned to the internet; back from my travels of peddling art and smut! :D

This past month has been absolutely crazy. Aside from my visit to visit the Newgrounds folks in Philly, I've registered for tables at more Artist Alleys than I ever have before. I think this year alone I've done 7! My day-job boss wants to kill me because of all the weekends I've taken off! haha

Anyway; I have some exciting news, and a couple of random updates!

• I Bought a Cintiq Companion today!! I literally brought a mason jar full of money to the bank today - I've been saving my spare cash for like a year now. FINALLY had enough money to buy it for myself today! All funded by earnings from my artwork!! It should arrive in a few days! Weeee! Will post photos of me probably bawling my face off and mumbling excited nonsense when it arrives. lol

• Sleepycabin Studio Launch: Our Newgrounds bros Stamper OneyNG, PsychicPebble, Shadling, Spazkid and JohnnyUtah launched their studio webpage; Sleepycabin.com! It's really cool. You should check it out. They'll be posting their work there from now on!

• Our Newgrounds friend Doublemaximus is in a bit of a pickle and looking for donations to help fund heating and restoring their home! If you have any spare cash; please send some their way. Every little bit counts. More info can be found on their news page (linked in the username name above). Tom Fulp has already sent in a donation! 

I got to travel out to Toronto for TCAF (Toronto Comic and Arts Festival) to meet some long-time artist friends! (They're mostly on Twitter, so I'll just list their twitter handles: @Nikkinacks, @Forosha, @SandraDRivas, and @GetVent!) A few of them are members on Newgrounds, and I've known some of them for over 10 years! The weekend went by way too fast, but I enjoyed every second of it. It's always such a bummer when you meet really cool artists that live like hundreds of miles away because you want to hang out and DRAW STUFF ALL THE TIME ... but it's SO EXPENSIVE. </3 Anyway, I also got to meet EmilyYoucis, Tristious and Sasha_Fey for the first time, too! We went for japanese food and traded sketches. It was awesome :3

Looking for your opinion: Last but not least, I'd really like your input on a poll I just posted! I'm looking to guage my audience on whether or not I should start a webcomic, make an art calendar, or publish my own 'how-to' art book! Please vote here or just leave a comment on Newgrounds. I want to do all of those options eventually, but for now I want to get the ball rolling with just one!


OH!! And before I forget; the next Comic Cons I will be vending at are:

SaskBlitz on July 26-27th (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Animethon on August 8-10th (Alberta, Canada)

Posted by Sabtastic - May 6th, 2014

Back from my little 6-day vacation to Philly! I was two days late for Pico Day because I was out selling artwork at a comic con in Canada, but I still got to catch up with a few stragglers left over from the party once I got there on the 29th! Mike was able to visit and go for dinner with all of us before he had to head back to SanDiego, but I guess I missed Ricepirate by a couple hours!! :( He left me a nice note though:


Anyway, I stayed at Stamper's again, so I got to spend a bunch of time with all the guys that live there now, too! (Spazkid, Cosmicdeath, Oney, Psychicpebble, Shadman, and Luis!) I always have a blast out there -- everybody's so insanely talented that I can't help but get inspired when I see them all working on their latest projects. Just recently they've finished furnishing a really cool new studio space called SleepyCabin, so a lot of my time was spent over there getting commissions and other things finished. I wish it were possible to just move out there and do this art stuff full-time. TOO BAD I PICKED TEACHING HIGH SCHOOL OVER FREELANCE GRAPHIC DESIGN LOL.

Check out Stamper's sweet guest board at the SleepyCabin studio-- (and yes I purposefully made mine the most obnoxious and shiny)


Eventually I went to check out the Pico Day aftermath at the Newgrounds office in Glenside -- saw all of this year's awesome dick drawings, along with a few nice notes that Digsbot and another unknown person had left: (lol not sure if that condom taped to the wall was meant for me though)

2916822_139935563941_n.jpg   2916822_139935567672_n.jpg

Tom and JohnnyUtah ended up showing me the latest progress on a big project they're working on, so it was cool to see how far they've come with it just between the two of them. Went out for sushi and coffee with them later that day, too! Here's a picture of the drawings I left in one of the Newgrounds sketchbooks:


On the second-last day of my visit, Luis gave me a tour of downtown Philly and it happend to be the first Friday of the month, so I was able to check out the local Art Walk! All of the local galleries were open and the sidewalks were packed with local art vendors, so we checked out a few displays. Later on we met up with TheSwain and his entourage for chinese food! Had a lot of fun out there. Could barely handle the spicey food they ordered.

SO YEAH, I guess that's a pretty brief summary of the trip! I can't wait to go back again. It's like a second home to me now. Everyone there is amazing and I miss them all LOTS AND LOTS. :V




Posted by Sabtastic - April 28th, 2014

Happy birthday to meee! c:

(Got this sweet birthday artwork from my ART BRO @CALAVERA145!)

Badass Artwork Courtesy of @Calavera145 on Twitter!

Off to Philadelephia tomorrow to hang with my pals at Stamper's, too! Seeya on the other side! c:

Posted by Sabtastic - March 10th, 2014

I regret nothing.



Posted by Sabtastic - February 28th, 2014



Real talk tho; I'm really, really bummed. I WILL be visiting a few days AFTER Pico Day if anyone decides to stick around for that long, (if you are, let me know!) but on the day of the party I will be out in Calgary Alberta selling artwork at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. A good guess is that I won't be there until the 29th. THREE DAYS FASHIONABLY LATE.

Luis joked about doing a "Nene Day" in early May so I can waste all of my comic con money on partying my face off for my 24th birthday. WHOS WITH ME?! LOLOL LETS DO THIS

Posted by Sabtastic - January 24th, 2014


.................... THREE THOUSAND FANS!?!



Your support for my artwork means the world to me, so I just want to send out a big thanks to everyone who's taken the time to click that little heart icon so they can subscribe to my stuff...!! <3 More art is on the way!!