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Sabtastic's News

Posted by Sabtastic - August 24th, 2015

Packing my bags for another week-long trip to Philly! Gonna visit the guys at the Newgrounds office as well as Stamper and the Sleepycabin crew. 

Will return to Canada-land on the 1st of September! <3


Posted by Sabtastic - July 25th, 2015

Every time I travel anywhere to visit with my art pals, I make a point of bringing a comically huge sketchbook with me so I can keep memoirs of my visit in bound sketchbook form! It makes for a great 100% unique souvenir, and I love looking back on the drawings I've been given because a lot of the people have since become prominent artists and animators! 

Last week I FINALLY found a scanner big enough to scan all of the artwork I had amassed over the years and posted all 72 images on IMGUR.

Have a look! Maybe you'll see some familiar artists and characters!


--> [View Sabtastic's Travelling Sketchbook on IMGUR] <---



Artists featured (in no particular order):






































Posted by Sabtastic - July 13th, 2015

Woo! My Society6 shirts just arrived in the mail! 

(I shamelessly ordered my own art on t-shirts because I was curious about the quality - turns out it's really comfy and clearly printed!) 

The first one is based on one of my Demon Girl prints, the middle one is my Fierce Deity Link print, and the other is a Sugar Skull Zombie pinup! All artwork that I've posted here on Newgrounds!

2916822_143682294531_tumblr_nrg2f5EnHD1rxwxnlo1_1280.jpg 2916822_143682297421_tumblr_nrg2f5EnHD1rxwxnlo2_1280.jpg 2916822_143682298651_tumblr_nrg2f5EnHD1rxwxnlo3_1280.jpg

[Sab's Society6 Store] <-- US based print company

PS: I've decided that I'm not going to sell my Cintiq Companion (referring to my previous journal post). I found out that WACOM actually sells gently used and repaired models for MUCH cheaper than my brand new one, so I would feel bad selling someone mine for full price when they could save almost a thousand bucks buying it used: [refurbished wacom products]

Posted by Sabtastic - June 30th, 2015

Hey guys! 

If you know any Canadian artists out there, maybe you can help me out by sharing this with them! I'm selling my tablet because I want to upgrade to the Cintiq Companion 2! Bought it for $2,729.99 and I'm selling it for $2,600.00. It's pretty pricey, but WACOM doesn't ship to Canada, so these are pretty hard to get if you don't have a US hookup or if you don't live close to a Canadian distributor.

The reason that this is sold at original price is because I sent my original tablet back to the provider for repairs and they sent me a brand new one. Rather than open it up and install everything all over again, I'm going to try and sell my new one so I can upgrade later.


It's brand new, unopened in-box, and it has a 2 year warantee until June 2017.

Also this is the 512GB model that runs on Windows 8.

If you're interested and want more details, check out my Kijiji.ca listing here or contact me by e-mail here: sab0d @ hotmail .com

Posted by Sabtastic - May 3rd, 2015

Hey everybody!

Picollage is now available on SharkRobot as a limited-time print! Proceeds are going back to the Newgrounds art community so we can organize more art contests in the future! 

[ Check it out here! ] 

It'll only be for sale until May 31st! 


Artists; thanks for taking part, donating your time and skill, and for being such an awesome supportive community!! <3

It turned out great thanks to all of you talented, amazing people! 

Posted by Sabtastic - April 25th, 2015

HOLY CRAP IT'S PICO DAY! :D :D Also I'm in Philly! 

If you're watching the Pico Day live stream, keep an eye out for a lady with straight brown hair, a blazer, and a lot of eyeliner. THAT'S-A-ME! SAB! :D

We also just posted the huge art collab that we've been working on since February! Picollage! It's got 56 artists and 1 programmer, all hand-picked by me! Together we hand-blended our artwork to infinitely loop in any direction (Thanks to our awesome programmer Mike)! We had a lot of Newgrounds VIPs contribute their time and skill, so please do check it out if you have a spare moment! Show your friends, too! A majority of these artists will be at the Newgrounds office for Pico Day as well!

[Picollage 2015 in the Game Portal]


P.S: JohnnyUtah was awesome and to got the collab printed + framed, so we'll have the artwork at the office (as a gift to TomFulp) if you ever get the chance to visit there! Thanks Jeff! 

Hope you guys like it! 


Posted by Sabtastic - March 30th, 2015

Hey guys! 

I'm working on my art piece for the #picollage collab that I started up a few weeks ago. I'll be in 3C! Here's the progress so far! I was streaming it on my Picarto channel earlier:  


[Sabtastic's Stream Channel]


Posted by Sabtastic - February 27th, 2015



I'm starting up a SUPER SECRET invite only art collab for PICO DAY 2015!
This collab is going to feature the work of 56 talented Newgrounds Artists straight from the art portal, and 1 programmer! IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME! Spots are all pretty much spoken for already, but if you know your way around Photoshop/Sai and you want me to put you on a wait list in case somebody drops out, send me a PM!

Generally the collab is going to resemble a giant multi-directional, infinitely looping art worm. Kind of like this one we did in 2007, but not just left to right directions! Every artist will submit a piece of art that will blend into the artwork of the artists beside them. In the end, hopefully by Pico Day on April 25th, I will have compiled all of the artowrk into:

  1. A giant explorable interactive image for your EYEBALLS TO ENJOY
  2. A printable 18x24" poster
  3. A desktop wallpaper of all your favourite NG artists!

....I KNOW RIGHT?! Stay tuned to see how everything is going! This is gonna be SWEET! 

Posted by Sabtastic - February 17th, 2015

Hey everybody I made it back to Canada in one piece! 

From January 12th-February 12th I spent an entire month in Philly (mostly at the NG office with TomFulp, Spazkid, JohnnyUtah and BrenTheMan) trying to focus on my art FULL TIME for the first time ever. HUGE thanks to TomFulp for allowing me to freeload at the office for so long. I can't express how grateful I am becuase this trip wouldn't have been possible otherwise! Anyway, while I was there, I finished a couple of commissions, tried to do some sort of daily art study (posted some to my gallery here) and got to partake in a lot of really cool creative projects. Some of those include 2 Sleepycabin/Sleepycast guest episodes, a livestream with TheShadling and Spazkid, a youtube short with LyleMcDouchebag and Oney (picture below), and a bunch of art trades with fellow Newgrounds pals!

From the 23rd-26th of Jan, the Newgrounds guys and I checked out MAGfest in National Harbor with Nackem, which was a total blast. A lot of it was a total blur for various alcohol-related reasons. hahah While I was there, I got to meet DigsBot, GentTrooper, Dudul, CatFat, EsquireBob, Michael Azzi, and many other insanely cool, talented people... for the first time!! Everyone was super inspiring to be around and I feel great having had the chance to hear about all of their creative endeavors. The Sleepycabin panel (picture below) ended up having a great turnout despite being a fairly new studio-- Stamper ended up grabbing a fan's butt, Psychicpebble/Zach got Digsbot to sit in on the panel in his place, and JohnnyUtah bear-hugged someone for a 20$ Wawa gift card. Overall it was a good show! The next day was the Newgrounds panel which was celebrating 20 years as a company and website (picture below). Tom got Spazkid, Stamper and Ricepirate to sit in on the Q&A panel with him so there were plenty of questions pertaining to the future of NG, present-day happenings, and other exciting deets pertaining to Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid and BattleBlock Theatre! ... Anywho, that was four straight days of pure unbridled FUN, so if any of you guys are on the fence about going next year, JUST FREAKING DO IT, YOU'LL HAVE A BLAST. I totally reccommend it -- and I only went for the PEOPLE!

Once Magfest ended, JohnnyUtah, RicePirate, and LyleMcDouchebag and I braved "hurricane Juno" -- some big storm that the media was playing up to sound like the apocalypse -- and road-tripped back to Philly. Turns out it was the pussiest storm in the history of America so we were all worried about nothing.

When we got back to the NG office, Dudul, CatFat and RicepirateMick worked their FACES off for like four days straight on an animation project with a deadline. They barely got to see the light of day until that got done. Thankfully we still had plenty of time to hang out and enjoy each others company before everybody had to catch their flights back home.  

...So yeah! At some point I also spent a weekend at Casa Del Stamper (Stamper's sweet new house) and relaxed for a few days. Watched movies and hung out to work on more commissions. 'Barely got any done, but HEY! I had fun just being around everybody at the house (Shad, Luis, and CosmicDeath and Sushi!).  



AHH gosh, this turned out to be a really long post and I've got to get to bed.




Group photo from a video we shot with Dudul, Oney, Fleadom, Psychicpebble (hidden by hands), Niall, myself, and (foreground) LyleMcDouchebag:



The Newgrounds panel at MAGfest ft. Spazkid, Ricepirate, TomFulp, and Stamper:


Sleepycabin Panel at MAGfest featuring JohnnyUtah, Spazkid, Stamper, Niall, Chris, Ricepirate and Digsbot.



Group picture from my last day in Philly and Ricepirate/Mick's first day in Philly! 


Posted by Sabtastic - February 8th, 2015

Got to take part in this week's Sleepycabin podcast with Spazkid, Psychicpebbles, Niall, and Oney!


Check it out on Sleepycabin