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Sabtastic's News

Posted by Sabtastic - December 29th, 2019


Who's heading to MAGfest this year?! :D

It's been years since I last attended in the Sleepycabin days, but I'm looking forward to the trip!

It's January 2-5 (Thursday to Sunday) and I think it's a bit expensive at about 85$ for all four days, but Sunday's badge is only 25$.

I'll be heading out with the talented Castcuraga -- feel free to say hi in the comments to tell us if you're going or not, too!

P.S: This was my 100th news post on Newgrounds, I guess, so WUHOO! *confetti*


Posted by Sabtastic - April 7th, 2019


Hi everybody!

Convention season is picking back up so I'll be using this news post as a reference for conventions I'll be attending. If you've ever wanted to support my work, meet me, or talk shop in person, I'm planning on travelling to all of these Canadian cities (and Portland) in 2019!

Also since some of these shows have yet to be locked down, I'll leave a little * asterisk if I haven't officially gotten in.

Check it out!

🐦 Edmonton - Animethon (Aug 9-11)

🐦 Montreal - Otakuthon (Aug 3-5)

🐦 Edmonton - Animethon (9-11)

🐦 Toronto Fan Expo - (Aug 29-Sep 3)

🦅 Portland - Rose City Comic Con (Sept 7-9)

🐦 Edmonton Expo (Sept 21-23)

🐦 Calgary - Foothills Comic Con (Oct 5)

🐦 Halifax - Halcon (Oct 25-27)

🐦 Calgary - Calgary Holiday Market (November 30)

🐦Edmonton - The Gamers Lodge Community Holiday Market (Saturday December 7th)

🐦 Edmonton- The Witchery (Dec 21-22)

P.S. Pico Day falls on a convention weekend for me this year, so I sadly won't be able to visit my pals in Philly for the big day -- I'll be in Ottawa for Comic Con instead! Hope everybody still has a fantastic time regardless. Wish I could be in two places at once. </3

P.P.S. Lawd have mercy on me for somehow booking 5 consecutive con weekends in a row. Please check on in me during my 6 week convention gauntlet lol -- the most I've ever done in a row was 4, and my body is not ready. haha

P.P.P.S. If you WON'T be visiting any of these cities or events but you STILL want to support my work somehow, my Etsy Shop is likely the best / most worthwhile purchase you could make in terms of getting the most out of your money. I personally package and ship those orders myself, so I usually toss in a couple extra goodies when I get orders. Obviously I have to close down the store while I'm away at conventions, so if you'd rather just donate some COLD HARD CASH on Ko-fi, that's an option too if you don't want anything in return.

Thanks for checking out my tour dates!



Posted by Sabtastic - December 5th, 2018


It's okay. You're safe now.

Nobody's gonna flag your art here.

If you're new to Newgrounds and you'd like to post your art here, I can help out by 'scouting' your work. The art portal will ONLY make your art visible to the general public if you post a minimum of 4 art pieces. Once you do this, hit me up and let me know you need to be scouted! I'd be happy to expedite the process and get your work seen a bit quicker. I'm on here pretty much every day.

We have a solid art community, and an even stronger animation one. Everybody's pretty open and supportive here. 

Stay a while! Make some friends!


Posted by Sabtastic - October 19th, 2018


Hi Newgrounds! It's been a while, but this year has been full of drastic changes for me--in a good way!

If you're not familiar with my work, I'm a Canadian artist in Edmonton, Alberta who draws three things; 

Monster girls, cute fat birds, and pinups! ...Sometimes all at once in the same drawing!

For the past couple years, I've been building my brand, expanding my artistic skills, finishing a teaching degree, and scraping by as an artist. I did some teaching work related to my degree, but I always had way more fun creating art for myself. This year, I took the plunge and registered for 25 different artist alleys and conventions all over North America, and I'm really happy to report that those shows were all a huge success! I'm finally seeing enough of a positive return to support myself and perpetuate what I love to do: creating original art. I even stopped taking commission work so I'd have more time to get my own ideas out there! I've even got my own art office and registerd business license!

Here are a couple of the things I've made for the first time this year... 

Hard Enamel Crow Pins (new ones coming soon, too!) -- 


Gold Ink Linen Cover Stock Prints based on my original inktober work-- (they're made with a specialty ink, too!) 

2916822_154007610852_download.png 2916822_154007628312_witch.png

Handmade Vinyl Decals-- (my sister taught me how to plot vinyl and mask layered designs, which was cool)

Birdblob Merchandise (based on a little drawing game I made up to play with my art students)...


I  wanted to announce (to any fellow Newgrounds users) that I'm going to be heading out to MAGFEST 2019 this January with my artist friends Nackem, Purefey (my sister), and Castcuraga! I think one of us is confirmed for an artist alley table so far, so not all of us will be vending, but if you see us, feel free to say hello! Since Pico Day isn't a thing anymore, I'm hoping that a few of the OG Newgrounds folks will make the trip out-- but who knows! It's nice to meet new faces, too!

If you've never been to MAGfest before, it's the closest thing I can think of to 'nerd burning man', if you're really into Music and/or Gaming. It's expensive, and it's pretty tough to get a room for the convention, but it's definitely a one-of-a-kind experience.



Posted by Sabtastic - February 11th, 2018

2916822_151841605073_ConventionMap.pngHere's which conventions I'll be attending this year if you're interested in checking out my art or meeting me! 

I'll add to the list as I get confirmed for shows, but here's the projected list for 2018 so far!

Feel free to drop a line here or on social media letting me know if you'll be attending the show, too! It's always nice to put a face to a name ahead of time. If you know of any shows you think my art might be a good fit for, feel free to suggest it here, too! I'm always looking for new cities/towns/events to check out, and I try to add a few new artist alleys to the roster every year.


Edmonton, AB - THE WITCHERY (Feb 17-18)


Seattle, WA - EMERALD CITY COMIC CON (March 1-4)

Edmonton, AB - POP CULTURE FAIR (March 25)

Seattle, WA - SAKURACON (Mar 30-Apr 1)


Calgary, AB - CALGARY EXPO (April 26-29) 


Regina, SK - FAN EXPO REGINA (May 5-6)

Calgary, AB - OTAFEST (May 18-20)

Toronto, ON - ANIME NORTH (May 25-27)


Calgary, AB - HORROR CON (June 2-3) (unconfirmed)


Montreal, QC - MONTREAL COMIC CON (July 6-8)

Calgary, AB - NSFCON (Date TBA) (unconfirmed)

Saskatoon, SK - GANBATTE CON (July 21-22)


Vancouver, BC - ANIME REVOLUTION (August 4-6)

Edmonton, AB - ANIMETHON (August 10-12) 

Toronto, ON - TORONTO FAN EXPO (August 31-September 2)


Saskatoon, SK - SASK EXPO (September 15-16)

Edmonton, AB - EDMONTON EXPO (Sept 21-23) (unconfirmed)


Calgary, AB - FOOTHILLS (October 13) 

Halifax, NB - HALCON (October 26-28) (unconfirmed)


Vancouver, BC - VANCOUVER FAN EXPO (unconfirmed)



Edmonton, AB - TASTE OF ANIMETHON (Date TBA) (unconfirmed)


Posted by Sabtastic - January 11th, 2018

My Newgrounds tank pin came in the mail!

Lots of great memories and people connected to this lil' tank.

Just wanted to show it off here, in case you're still undecided.

2916822_151572209171_tumblr_p2etyaUOdQ1rxwxnlo1_1280.jpg 2916822_151572212542_tumblr_p2etyaUOdQ1rxwxnlo2_1280.jpg

[Grab one for yourself for under 10 bucks]


Posted by Sabtastic - July 14th, 2016

Just a couple more artist alleys I'll be attending for the spring and summer!

(I'm deleting past shows to keep the new stuff up top)



JULY 2017

Montreal Comic Con - Montreal, QC, Canada (July 7-9th)


AUGUST 2017 

Animethon - Edmonton, AB, Canada (August 11-13th)

Yukomicon - Whitehorse, YT, Canada (August 25-27th)

Toronto Fan Expo - Toronto, ON, Canada (August 31-Sept 3rd)



Sask Expo - Saskatoon, SK, Canada (Sept 16-17th)

Edmonton Expo - Edmonton, AB, Canada (Sept 23-25)



Central Canada Comic Con (C4) - Winnipeg, Manitoba (October 27-30)

Posted by Sabtastic - July 5th, 2016

Hey guys! 

I'm doing a few art giveaways on TWITTER in the next four days. If you want to enter yourself, all you need to do is follow and retweet any of (or all of) the four twitter posts! My twitter profile is @Sabtastique.

One winner will be chosen for each package on Saturday July 9th



1x Holographic Morrigan Poster 11x17"

4x Small Monster Girl Card Stock Prints 6x9"

3x Small Magnets (cursive 'fuck', cute crow, and "earth without art is just 'eh')

1x Red Devil Girl Sticker



1x Sugar Skull Day of the Dead Pinup Poster 11x17"

4x Small Pinup Girl Card Stock Prints 6x9"

3x Small Magnets (morrigan, cursive 'fuck' and art nouveau)

1x Red Devil Girl Sticker

GAMING Giveaway 


1x Fierce Deity Link with Masks Poster 11x17"

1x Bioshock Infinite - CAGE Poster 11x17"

2x Small Card Stock Prints 6x9" 

4x Small Magnets (3 pixel hearts and 1 Majora's Mask)

1x Red Devil Girl Sticker

1x Pokemon Memes Sticker Sheet

ANIME Giveaway


1x Classy Pokemon Poster 11x17"

4x Small Anime Prints 

3x Small Magnets (Pikachu, Oppai, Saitama 'OK' face) 

1x Red Devil Girl Sticker

1x Pokemon Memes Sticker Sheet


Posted by Sabtastic - April 22nd, 2016


As of Friday April 22nd, 2016, I'm finally a fully certified high school teacher and University of Alberta alumna! Woo!!

I made it guys! I'm finally done!!11!!

Now, in two weeks time, I'll be kickin' it at the Newgrounds office with the cool kids and PARTYING FOR PICO DAY!! HUZZAH! 

Posted by Sabtastic - September 11th, 2015

Hey everybody! 

I'm finishing up my final year of university now, so my updates and art posts might be sparse for the next little while. Found out I won't be able to make it to MAGfest 2016 because of that, too. It falls in February this year which is a really busy time for me because I'll be teaching for my practicum. 

That said, I'll be finished school by mid April 2016, so Pico Day is gonna be the perfect excuse to party hard and celebrate being an alumna! Maybe I'll finally be able to try out the full-time artist thing while I look for work as a teacher, too.

Seeing everybody in Philly was really nice - always is. This time I went out there for the express purpose of relaxing, so I got to do that in the company of good friends. Made sure to see Stamper, TomFulp, and RicePirate before they left for PAXPrime, got to sit in on the recording of Sleepycabin's update video, recorded a podcast with @Digsbot and @JohnnyUtah, and get a bunch of commission work done. Even got to see @SandraDRivas as she released her new Eddsworld toon, and @Nackem while she visited from outside of PA! c: Thanks for being so welcoming guys. Philly's always felt like a home away from home.

Good luck with the last little bit of 2015!

Hope everybody's hangin' in there! <3

- Sab




Sept 19-20 - Sask Expo - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Sept 25-27 - Edmonton Expo - Edmonton, Alberta

Oct 30-Nov 1st - Central Canada Comic Con - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Nov 14 - Otafest Aurora - Calgary, Alberta