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I would also be Chicago, but with deep dish pizza. Or eating something from Portillo's.

Hey, Sabrina I hate to burst your Bubble.... Um well, I've made a Recent Updated post on my Schedule as well as the Covid-19 Situation. A lot of my Upcoming Cons, Expos and etc. has either been Postponed, Cancelled or Delayed. Just so you know, It's gotten very extreme in America! I can't even head back to California like most people now. I'm stuck in additional month or so. Um, yeah I'm not like most Folks. I don't live in Burbank, I live in a city 45 minutes away from it. The reason why I asked you if you know where Burbank a few years ago in Sakura Con was because I've faced some trouble there. I used to live in a close neighborhood near Burbank. North Hollywood to be exact, However unlike Burbank; North Hollywood is anything but safe. I moved out a year after, Sorry if you find my part of my CA life Story kind of boring! Just letting you know, I am not Originally from California. I am Originally from Atlanta, GA however I moved in California in 2014. I've been accused in stuff I didn't do. Until this day, I want to move elsewhere like Seattle or Tukwila or somewhere else. I've been Slandered by someone to this day. I'm still very upset about it. It's okay though, I'm so sorry if I caused any Inconvenience now. Au Revoir, MonsieurZim

lol thanks, I'm definitely well aware of the situation with cons being cancelled and this isn't news as it's a worldwide pandemic. This whole list is null-void. Just have yet to update the information. Cheers, and stay safe.

Nice art Sabri! <3

A lot of things were done of the fly but my local library managed to host their annual -Con event virtually. If I knew how it worked I would've dropped a message to see if you were interested in joining the other virtual vendors for the event. Hope all is well where you and hope to see more of your work.

Aw that's awesome!
A few conventions I'm familiar with have gone the virtual route as well. I'm glad they've found a temporary work-around! Thanks for the thought. :)

If Halifax was listed there it would be a Donair and something about boats. What's the deal with Vancouver though? and does Edmonton have good steak?

Oh haha it's Calgary that's famous for the Stampede, Cowboys, and AAA Beef so I just took that and ran with it. Edmonton's not too far off with that either!