Entry #95

Reppin' my Newgrounds Pin!

2018-01-11 21:02:09 by Sabtastic

My Newgrounds tank pin came in the mail!

Lots of great memories and people connected to this lil' tank.

Just wanted to show it off here, in case you're still undecided.

2916822_151572209171_tumblr_p2etyaUOdQ1rxwxnlo1_1280.jpg 2916822_151572212542_tumblr_p2etyaUOdQ1rxwxnlo2_1280.jpg

[Grab one for yourself for under 10 bucks]


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2018-01-11 21:08:40

I knew a guy who made pewter pins, gave Tom an informal quote some years ago, oh well, past due I got a few of these mass produced ones myself. Touring many conventions this year, ready to take the plunge and teach art to the young, unwashed masses?

Sabtastic responds:

Ah cool!

I'm about to have some mass-produced pins made, myself--those goofy birds (/birdblobs) I can't stop drawing! Gonna go with a manufacturer in the US -- they seem like the best route for the quantity and budget I'm looking for. :)

Haven't gotten into teaching yet (aside from the odd art camp here and there). Still having way too much fun doing art/comic conventions and artist alleys all over the place.

Hope you've been doing well by the way! 2017 was kind of a crummy year for me, but I'm optimistic about all the new exciting things to look forward to in 2018!


2018-01-12 07:18:49

Still undecided regarding price in regard to material density and impact of minimal visible exposure. :P But it does look good! Classy.

(Updated ) Sabtastic responds:

Fair enough I guess -- but I like subtle when it comes to personal accessories. It's one'a those things that I'd talk somebody's ear off about if they happened to notice and bring it up. (but ignore me because obviously I'm incredibly biased lol)


2018-01-13 04:36:18



2018-01-13 05:43:19

Mmm I like subtle too... but cheap. :) Haha well I hope a lot of people do bring it up! Spreading that vital NG awareness!


2018-01-14 00:05:15

Yaaas bby. Wear it proud


2018-01-15 12:56:02

Woah I didn't even know this was a thing!
Just picked this up.
Good to see you Sab!