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My 2018 Conventions!

2018-02-11 21:16:30 by Sabtastic

2916822_151841605073_ConventionMap.pngHere's which conventions I'll be attending this year if you're interested in checking out my art or meeting me! 

I'll add to the list as I get confirmed for shows, but here's the projected list for 2018 so far!

Feel free to drop a line here or on social media letting me know if you'll be attending the show, too! It's always nice to put a face to a name ahead of time. If you know of any shows you think my art might be a good fit for, feel free to suggest it here, too! I'm always looking for new cities/towns/events to check out, and I try to add a few new artist alleys to the roster every year.


Edmonton, AB - THE WITCHERY (Feb 17-18)


Seattle, WA - EMERALD CITY COMIC CON (March 1-4)

Edmonton, AB - POP CULTURE FAIR (March 25) (unconfirmed)

Seattle, WA - SAKURACON (Mar 30-Apr 1)


Calgary, AB - CALGARY EXPO (April 26-29) 


Regina, SK - FAN EXPO REGINA (May 5-6) (unconfirmed)

Calgary, AB - OTAFEST (May 18-20)

Toronto, ON - ANIME NORTH (May 25-27)


Calgary, AB - HORROR CON (June 2-3) (unconfirmed)


Montreal, QC - MONTREAL COMIC CON (July 6-8)

Calgary, AB - NSFCON (Date TBA) (Unconfirmed)

Saskatoon, SK - GANBATTE CON (July 21-22)


Montreal, QC - OTAKUTHON (August 4-6) (unconfirmed)

Edmonton, AB - ANIMETHON (August 10-12) (unconfirmed)

Toronto, ON - TORONTO FAN EXPO (August 31-September 2)


Saskatoon, SK - SASK EXPO (September 15-16)

Edmonton, AB - EDMONTON EXPO (Sept 21-23) (unconfirmed)


Calgary, AB - FOOTHILLS (October 13) (unconfirmed)

Halifax, NB - HALCON (October 26-28) (unconfirmed)


Vancouver, BC - VANCOUVER FAN EXPO (unconfirmed)



Edmonton, AB - TASTE OF ANIMETHON (Date TBA) (unconfirmed)


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2018-02-12 05:05:33

How's the drive to Seattle, US Customs on the border, had any problems in the past?

(Updated ) Sabtastic responds:

I've been once by car and a bunch of times by plane. No issues so far since I've usually been travelling with friends.

The drive through the mountains is terrifying in the winter (don't recommend it) and gorgeous in the summer!


2018-02-12 07:31:29

What an unconventionally cute convention event map! XD Heavy schedule.

Sabtastic responds:

Haha thanks! Figured it'd be a fun visual representation.


2018-02-15 22:20:57

dang pretty much a few cons every month
I might be in Alberta in August so it'd be rad to head to Edmonton for Animethon and see your shenanigans!
also I like to think the two squads in Alberta have some sort of beef with each other

Sabtastic responds:

Heyy that's awesome! If you do make it out to Animethon, definitely say hi! That's always such a great show.

Also I'm all for this imaginary calgary/edmonton bird rivalry lol