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Sabrina @Sabtastic

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University of Alberta


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Hey, thanks for the welcome message! I'm new here from the tumblr exodus and I'm starting to publish my art. How does the scouting work? I have 4 pieces published so far and it would be nice to know my way around here.
Thanks for the support, that's really sweet of you!

Oh wow, you've got really lovely artwork, too!
Consider yourself scouted, and keep up the great work, @auroralynne! :)

make me famous, mother!

Thats awesome of you Sab keep up the great work

Cheers dude! Thanks.

Thank you for the welcome.

Ooo, love your work too! Nice stuff. <:
You've got so much already!

It's really nice that your welcoming all these new peeps Sab.

Thank you for the warm welcome
Very excited to see the transition of artists from site to site works out
Been looking for a new place to post art

Absolutely! I'm already super excited about the recent increase in art to look at. It's all REALLY NICE quality stuff, too!

Thanks for the welcome! I posted my 4 art pieces if you wouldn't mind scouting me out :0

Oh nice! It looks like somebody beat me to it! :P Grats on the scout! (And nice work by the way!)

Wow! So cool! Its been a while since I've been to newgrounds, but I really like the art portal displays art more than how tumblr works. Also, I remember you from the Sleepy Cabin podcast. Glad Bulbina didn't get you after that podcast :D. And thank you for the welcome!

Hahah, thanks for listening to those crazy stories

Thanks for the warm welcome. We all need the help right now.

Scouted you as well! Hope you enjoy it here! <:

i've been here for 2 years and I still haven't been scouted :C


Mad respect for helpin out the newcomers. I would've asked for your help, but I already got scouted. Anyway, been followin yo art for a good minute. Love them goober birbsblobs. Keep up to solid work!

Hey sweet! Grats on the new scouted status! And thanks for the kind words. <:

It's a mass exodus! All the more reason for me to check out Newgrounds again after several years.


haha I'm not-so-secretly giddy about this big influx of artists and new users. I've been here forever and this is just the jolt that Newgrounds needs.

Is it okay for non-nsfw artists (nnsfw? sfw??) to post here, too? I feel like most people go here for the porn; Which is great - Just not my cup of tea.
I wonder if people will like my art, it's more on the cute side..
If you could look at my art and scout me if it fits here, that would be very nice~

Thank you for teaching the basics of scouting and welcoming us here~
I am already in love with the games on here :0

Oh totally~! I don't really have NSFW stuff and I like it here just fine. I even browse at work on occasion *shhhhh* haha

If mature / adult art isn't your cupp'a tea, just go to the art portal and disable the 'Mature' and 'Adult' tagged artwork by clicking on a big purple M and a big red A.

Oh wow, thank you for the head's up! Happy to be here! Seems like a fun community. <3

Definitely! :)

I've met a good chunk of the content creators here, and though NG may seem kind of hard to break into at face value, it's really a great community of flourishing creative minds. <: Hope you like it here!

i wouldnt mind being scouted but i think it would be better when i improve my art/get better at it :) its nice to see people welcoming artists here! gives me hope

Aw, sure! I see you've only got 2 art posts so far, so say hi anytime once you're ready to be scouted. Cheers!

Thank you for the warm welcome, Sab. I certainly wouldn't mind being scouted LOL! Glad to be here; much better community than Tumblr was.

Done! <3

Great work - I can see you love using inks, too! I'm partial to traditional art, myself.
Hope this is a fun opportunity for you to meet lots of new artist/animator friends!

@auroralynne @Sabtastic Thank you so much!

Another great; well-worded welcome. :) And clever way to let that scouting talent come to you too!

Haha I may not always have time go to looking through new posts, but I love the influx of art and people all the same. Feels like NG's been reinvigorated! ILOVEIT

That's really sweet of you.
I got my 4 artworks up, if you could check it out for a scout that would be awesome.

Drat! Somebody beat me to you. haha you have some lovely work!

Grats on the scouted status and enjoy the art portal. <:

Thank you!

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