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Direct any business inquiries to sab0d@hotmail.com, send a PM here, or hit me up on Twitter!

Sabrina @Sabtastic

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University of Alberta


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Thank you!

Thank you!! Good to see you're open for new artists here <3
I just uploaded 4 works, if you can scout me I'd be very grateful


Gorgeous work, btw. You'd have gotten scouted in not time flat!
Hope you like it here. Cheers!

@Sabtastic Thanks a lot <3

@TheVioletGhost @Sabtastic Thank you! Hope I will too and hope things go well for you! ^w^

That it does! :D And just in time for Christmas. Couldn't have had a better way to end the year than this.

Yeah, grazie!

<3 u Sabrina! Miss you girl.

DYAWW good to hear from you dude

I Joined Newgrounds at the perfect time. I was going to use Tumblr for a project but since everyone was jumping ship I'd follow them. I thought I'd switch the idea from an ask blog of sorts to short videos. I had just started getting into Pixel art and saw there's a Pixel day early next year so I've got a goal too.
Used to frequent this site years ago, never became part of the community though since I was young back then and I had the attention span of a grape. Good to be back.

Ooo! Yeah, actually that's a super fun thing about Newgrounds--
Lots of fun theme days (Pico Day, Pixel Day, Clock Day, Robot Day, etc), art contests (monthly ones, holiday ones, indie game themed ones--), and cool collaborative community projects (animation collabs, travelling sketchbooks, art forums, art worms) to take part in if you're up to it!

You can even use this thing called the 'Collabinator' if you were-- for example-- an artist seeking a writer, or a programmer, or a musician--! Just post a listing of what you're working on and what you're looking for-- and people with relevant skills can apply to help out!

Good on you on supporting the new kids!

To anyone reading, come look at my guide on everything NG on my page! I explained all of the unique features NG has to offer, including how the Project System and the Portal works in a nice, readable format!

Thank you for the welcome message! How exactly does scouting work anyways? I am not sure if I have been scouted or not.

Looks like I can still scout you--! I'll do that. :)
I think it'll show up in the form of a DM notification. You'll just need to accept it before your art posts will appear in the art portal.

I have four artworks if you wish to check them out. I hope i am up to the task in being scouted by ya. If you think i am not deserving to be scouted just let me know and i will continue regardless to get better.

Happy to do so! Looks like I sent it.
Keep up the good work!

Hey there Sab!
Saw your awesome welcome message and felt right at home! I was hoping you were still available to help with scouting,I just uploaded my 4th art piece and would appreciate it very much! Thanks again and I love your beautiful art :D

Done, and done! Thanks for posting and welcome to NG! <:

I still remember your clickbait you did for that experiment on porn art getting more attention. I only use this site for porn ^_^;

Haha hey, to each their own! Nothin' wrong with that.
And jeez, I remember that experiment too. ^^; SOOOO INSIGHTFUL lmao

@ThePurpleHooligan @Sabtastic Thank you so much!

So getting scouted is the only way for my art to show? That's interesting! I'll have to get used to the features on here (seems easier than expected though!) Would you mind scouting me as well?

Of course! :)

The scouting thing is kind of a preventative measure so people don't flood the portal with spam using throw-away accounts. We used to have trouble with people posting tons and tons of the same images as a joke, so I think there might even be a daily post limit of 10.

@Tomfulp may have extended the daily maximum to 50 since people are uploading their entire galleries this month, though. (Right, Tom?)

@PoliZ @Sabtastic I am honored

@Sabtastic Yeah, I spotted that and though it fills the hole that a lot of other creative websites have. I reckon I'll probably end up using it since my project will need music.

You are a boon to the community Sabrina, you rock!

Dyawww, thanks Sam

@AstralTellurian @Sabtastic Yup, we extended it to 50 since so many people are trying to get all their art up. Ultimately we need to present that better in the galleries so everyone doesn't get pushed off the page so quickly.

Thank you! So far it seems really cool here.

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