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Sabtastic's News

Posted by Sabtastic - January 8th, 2010


My tablet finally came in the mail!! (I was the 12th to be chosen for the giveaway)

Thanks a million to Tom, Bob (the guy in charge of the gift department at NG) all of the NG staff, and anyone else who is behind this generous WACOM giveaway. I will undoubtedly put this thing to work ASAP!! Hopefully i'll be cranking out art twice as fast now, too! ..No more technical difficulties like I'd so frequently have with my old one.

Also, to add to the retardedly great fortune I've been having lately, my "Sabtastic Sketchbook" flash came 14th for the month of December!! Holy crap, considering that i've only ever made 2 animations. I haven't felt more welcomed and at home on anywhere else on the internet than I have here, guys. Really.

Thankyou!! <3


Posted by Sabtastic - January 5th, 2010

Holy bejeebus! *glee*
My piece of crap flash sketchbook got nominated for top 10 flash of the month!!!!
Thanks all for your generous reviews and votes. <3

[A Sabtastic Sketchbook]

GO FORTH, AND VOTE FOR ME! IT WILL MAKE ME HAVE LARGE AMMOUNTS OF HAPPY. D8 (my account > vote for top 10) Really, though. I've never been nominated for anything like this before, so I'd be rediculously grateful to you all if I somehow got this. :B

Note: This graffiti has absolutely nothing to do with my post, but I drew it earlier today on Facebook, and thought I would share. Deadpool is the best. c:

Nominated for top 10 monthly flash animation! c:

Posted by Sabtastic - December 12th, 2009

Decided to take part in a couple of local newgrounds collabs, since I have a little more free time during christmas holidays.

One specifically is my buddy Legolass's
Level Collab! There are rules on the forum, but basically the objective is to piece together everyone's art based on the level 1-60 weapons. (the lollipop, brass knuckles, broken bottle, etc) Some kind of character should be in there, holding the weapon, too. From what I gather.

I ended up deciding on level 36! The Tomahawk!
I was sneaky with the boobies this time, too. >:D She is, in fact, topless, but I decided that it should be a little more "G" seeing as this is a big collab. Me-thinks you guys will come to HATE that conveniently-placed feather when this is all finished. *cackle*

This is the work in progress, but I'm actually finished now, if you wanna check it out.


Posted by Sabtastic - December 8th, 2009

After getting a bunch of Personal Messages about the same general things, I figure I should just put this out there to answer them all in one shot. I really don't mean to sound like an ass, but it's gotta be said. I'm spending more time checking PMs than I am drawing. :c

Here goes nothin! :O

1. MSN: I don't plan on adding you to MSN because you just want to talk. I'm really never online anyhow.. <:)

2. Xbox Live or Steam: I have xbox live and steam, but I will not give you my gamertag/username nor am I interested in yours. I'm sure you're a cool person, but I don't know you.

3. Free Drawings: I do not want to draw your character or comic idea, especially if you have no intention of hiring me and paying for the artwork. I'm far too busy with paying clients, side-projects and personal projects to do freebees right now.. :C

4. Commission Inquiries:If you are going to ask me about commissions, please at least have the money up front, or get set up with PayPal before contacting me... I don't like spilling my heart out about rates and wasting time e-mailing back and fourth, thinking I have a new customer only to be blown off later because they're "broke".

5. Scouting: No, I will not scout you just because you asked. I'm sure your art is lovely, and you are a very talented person, but people will scout you eventually on their own.

6. What type of programs I use: Photoshop CS3 and a 6x8 Wacom Tablet. Sometimes Flash CS3, too.

7. Teaching you to draw: Though I am in school to be an art teacher, I really can't do anything to 'teach' you via. PM. The most I can do, is tell you to keep practicing and not to give up. Please just look up tutorials on NG or DeviantART. You'll learn WAY more from that than you will asking me.


So yeah.. Now that the awkward part is over-with, I wanna thank you all for the nice comments and positive feedback. I really don't mind the genuinely sincere messages..
Also, Flash isn't something I'm entirely familiar with, so after getting the frontpager, and hearing your words of encouragement, I definitely plan on taking another shot at it soon, so thanks again! <3

Cheers, and to those in school: I hope those last few weeks of school go well before the break! Good luck on those mid-terms and finals!
I'm done until January 6th as of this monday. Woo hoo!

Thanks guys, but...

Posted by Sabtastic - November 9th, 2009

(So much for only doing one more slot!)

With enough entries to fill a whole extra line, I finally bring my tastic meme to an end. :P

I blame Mel, Jak and Vana for making this so infectious! :P
Thanks all for making this more than I ever intended it to be. You guys are awesome.

Sabtastic = Sabtastic (me)
Meltastic = Pickletoez
Vantastic = LinaInverseFan
Jaktastic = JakBaronKing
Shadtastic = TheRealShadman
Sorry-tastic= Sorrygirl99
Hewtastic = AlvinHew
Crocktastic = Denzel-Crocker
Vortastic = VorRath
Beast-Tastic =BeastKid7
Savtastic = Savory
Sparkey-Tastic = Sparkeycat
MinusTastic = RedMinus
LegTastic = LegolaSS
Zomb-tastic = Zombiffix
Mentastic = InnerChild548


Posted by Sabtastic - November 7th, 2009

Midterm season's OVER, and so is that nasty cold.

(And for another frontpage!! What a freakin' AWESOME week.)

Now back to replying regularily and postin' moar ARTS!
...And maybe playing the Left 4 Dead 2 Demo OVER AND OVER AGAIN. (B


Posted by Sabtastic - October 31st, 2009


Sorry to everybody for not replying to a lot of my messages and comments..
I've had this damn thing for an entire week. It won't go away.

/* */
My day was made a hell of a lot better, however, because my Yoko Pinup got frontpaged.
Thanks guys. ..Made my shitty week a lot less crap-tacular.

Oh, and Happy Halloween, too.
Don't forget to save me some candy. :C

Sabtastic is D-D-D-Down With the Sickness... And IT SUCKS.

Posted by Sabtastic - October 22nd, 2009

Finally finished!

[Check it Out]
Make sure to check out my gallery and vote / review! :D

Yoko Pinup Get!

Posted by Sabtastic - October 13th, 2009

Here we go - a day late, but whatever. I was busy stuffing my face with glorious thanksgiving food yesterday.

I'm probably going with sketch # 1 or #2.

Yoko Pinup Sketches

Posted by Sabtastic - October 9th, 2009

Thanks to everyone for sharing your input!

The pinup character with a rediculously high ammount of votes was Yoko Ritona from Tengen Toppa Gurren! I'll be drawing her shortly so keep your eyes peeled for updates in my gallery. <don't worry - the picture below is an old facebook graffiti of mine - not the pinup>

Anyway, if your character didn't win, and you strongly wanted me to draw her -- no worries!
These are all some of my personal favourites, so if anything I'll draw at least a few sooner or later. ;)

Here is a list of the results:

1st -Yoko - Tengen Toppa Gurren (18 votes)

2nd - Sheva (resident evil 5)Midnaand Faye Valentine(cowboy bebop) tied with (8 votes)

3rd - Lady Morrigan(7 votes)

4th - Jessie (from Pokemon's Team Rocket) and Ivy (Soul Calibur) tied with (6 votes)

5th - Felicia (Darkstalkers) (5 votes)

6th - Crimson Viper(Street Fighter) (4 votes)

7th - Princess Ruto(Legend of Zelda) (2 votes)

8th - Carmen (Gun x Sword) and Shiva the Ice Goddess (Final Fantasy) tied with (1 vote)

Thanks again everyone for your support!!
I'll try to have a sketch posted by Monday the 12th -- which is also Canadian Thanksgiving! ;D

Voting is over! The next pinup character I draw will be Yoko!