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Sabtastic's News

Posted by Sabtastic - April 26th, 2012

Friday the 27th I'll be in Philly! PM me if you're going to Pico day too and you'd like to meet up some time!!

I'm hoping to get a group of people together (or tag along with peeps who already have something sorted out) to tour around and see the sights. I'll be staying until 4pm May the 1st.

Looking forward to meeting everybody!

(Awesome art below was supplied by Jazza)

Leaving for Philly Today!!

Posted by Sabtastic - April 12th, 2012

It's offical! Going to Pico Day at the end of April! :D

See you dudes there!
I'm staying 'till May 1st, too, since PA is such a long way out of my way.

Look for the tall-ish brunette with straight hair documenting her every move with pictures. Tourist mode will be fully activated and I will likely ask for your autograph or a picture, so consider this fair warning! :V

I'm usually good with names, too, so don't be shy to just introduce yourself. Once I have a face to match with the Newgrounds alias, I'll likely be fine to address you on a first name basis. :U ... BUT NO PROMISES!


Here's a picture of my ugly mug just in case you don't know what I look like already:

Bought my Plane Ticket for Pico Day!

Posted by Sabtastic - March 13th, 2012

Word of warning to my fellow artists: Watermark your shit.
I'm the biggest hypocrite for this, because I never do, but I get my stuff stolen pretty frequently because of it.
So save yourselves the grief. It's a pain in the ass to deal with. Trust me.

"Welcome to the internet", I guess, eh?

On Saturday, the last art submission of mine ended up being photoshopped and posted all over sites like Reddit, 9Gag, Funnyjunk, Imgur and a few other sites a few days ago. I ended up losing out on over 100,000 potential viewers in one day, just because I made the rookie mistake of choosing not to watermark. It shouldn't have been a surprise to me, seeing as it was a 'meme' related art submission, and those things spread faster than herpes at an orgy, but it caused me a lot of grief

The "theif" ended up photoshopping my web signature and name out of the image, essentially claiming anonymity and/or ownership. Of COURSE, that was the version of the image that got crazy popular. I tell ya, nothing grinds Sab's gears like art theft. -- If you're an artist yourself, you will understand fully. It makes you never want to share your own work on the internet ever again.

AAANYWAY. Enough of my bitching and groaning:

Any of my fellow Canucks making it down to Pico Day in Pensylvania this year?? I'm really trying my darndest to save up this year and go! Drop me a line if you are, because we could work something out in terms of travelling - wouldn't hurt to have a travel buddy, save for the fact that you might be an axe murderer, I suppose.

Looking forward to seeing some of you there!!

Oh. And here's the picture that ended up all over the interpipes:

Art Theft Drama and Plans to Make it out for Pico Day

Posted by Sabtastic - January 24th, 2012

Hey guys!! I've posted a sweet new art thread to get those creative juices flowing! CHECK IT!!
We've already got some pretty awesome submissions by artists like Gonzossm, M-Vero, and myself!

[Pokemon Thunderdome Discussion Thread]
[Pokemon Thunderdome Art Thread]

Here's how it works:
I post a drawing of a Pokemon. Let's say it's a ... Mudkip. You would call 'dibs' on that, and within THREE HOURS, reply with a drawing of your Pokemon (Let's say Pikachu) beating the ever loving CRAP out of Mudkip. Someone else would see your post, call "Dibs!" and draw their Pokemon (Charizard) beating the living snot out of Pikachu! ... And so on, and so forth! Basically you'd just reply to the last Pokemon you see with a drawing meant to dethrone the current champion.


P.S: Sorry to the first post guys who ended up getting confused about us already having some submissions to post! :C No one else has pre-completed art to post, so starting with banette, it's fair game!!

My new Pokemon Thunderdome Art Thread

Posted by Sabtastic - January 9th, 2012

I Missed you guys!!!

Been so long since I've updated...! Holy shit:
Grab a snack, pop a squat, and get comfy! I've got lots to update about, so I'll point-form it!! :P

- Finished my first semmester at a new University (U of Alberta) and I'm two years away from being a fully certified high school teacher.
- Finished my first Art and Design courses at a University level. Had an absolute blast. [Drew some stuff]
- Moved out into my first apartment with my sister Mel, a.k.a Pickletoez and my boyfriend, Jordan. (picture of our sweet new crib, below)
- Managed to get a job for the city, working at a local leisure centre. It's the best. job. ever (so far). I get to draw at work most days, because it's so quiet and I get paid more than I've ever been paid per hour.
- Raked in three new commissions that I'm currently working on - two of which involve Pokemon looking ultra awesome.
- Sketched some concept art for said commissions.
[Classy Pokes]
[Realistic-ish Pokes]
[Kangaroo/Llama Ampharos]
[Quagsire + Bidoof = Quagoof]
[Creepy Tentacruel Sketch]
[Ballin' Bowler Hat Sableye]
- Celebrated Christmas, scored a shit-ton of sweet art-related swag, including a HUGE new Moleskine sketchbook. (..Sketchbook #3, here we come!!!)
- Drew my last drawing of 2011, Black Cat (again) from Marvel Comics
[Black Cat in Prismacolor]
- Drew my first drawing of 2012 Mia Stone, an original character.
[Mia Stone Doodle]
- Scored myself a sweet new drafting table for 25 bucks on kijiji.com! (local classifieds site) (picture on bottom)
- Decided to take the next semmester of school off for financial and artistic reasons. Planning on making my first comic-con table this year in Edmonton! (in town late summer)
- Posted a new drawing to the art portal - a birthday gift for Nekow!
[Sonja Red, from Marvel]

And most importantly...

- Finally got used to my new schedule, so I can update on a regular basis again!! Huzzah!!

Well hello again, strangers! :D I'm Back!

Posted by Sabtastic - August 26th, 2011

After about a week of trying to piece it together, I've finally finished my second interactive sketchbook! Have a look, leave a rating, or if you're feeling really generous, write me a review! :)

I'm really happy with how it turned out. Slowly but surely, I'm figuring out the basics of Flash... So, huzzah!! The only thing I couldn't get working were advertisements, buh meh. You guys probably prefer ad-free submissions anyway.


Anyway, enough chit-chat! Go see!!! :D


Posted by Sabtastic - August 2nd, 2011

Whelp! Thanks for watching the livestream, guys! Was a nice turn-out even though I've been inactive for like 2 solid months.

Here's my LiveStream channel if you want to see the saved stream for yourself. :)
Might want to fast-forward. lol Lots of technical difficulties.

[ SabtasticsDrawingFeed ]

Livestream Over - Thanks for Watching!

Posted by Sabtastic - May 8th, 2011

So, I woke up to find THIS in my inbox this morning... A birthday gift from Nekow for my 21st birthday!! YYEAAAAAH!!!! :D ... Only he could combine three of my favourite things so masterfully. Penguins, and Zombies, and Left 4 Dead. GO SEE!!

[Click to check out the coolest birthday present ever]

Nekow is Awesome.

Posted by Sabtastic - April 28th, 2011

... I don't know what to write here, though.

Happy birthday to meee! :D

Posted by Sabtastic - April 14th, 2011

- Got to play PORTAL 2 last night! (It's not out until Tuesday the 19th!) A friend of mine has a job renting games/movies, so he took it out for a 'test drive' and let us try it out, too. :D
Not gonna spoiler it for anyone, but co-op is freaking fantastic. Valve never fails to impress.

- Being the gigantic dork that I am, I ordered a sweater from American Apparel that looks like Zoey's from Left 4 Dead. This should be arriving soon. I will have pictures. *suppressed glee* [link]

- My 21st Birthday is coming up soon! 2 weeks to be exact! I'm counting down the days! :3

- I have a "Sabtastic Sketchbook Volume 2" in the works! If you don't know what I'm talking about. [Check out Volume 1] The bare bones are all finished and debugged, but I still need to add sound and commentary.

- Finished my university courses for the semester! Now I can crack down on some srs bzns with art.

- I'm making preparations to move out soon! ... Not really looking forward to it, though. Lots of extra work, and a ton of money that I don't really want to spend.

....So yeah...! That's about it. I'll be working on some commissions this week, so maybe I'll throw a livestream your way sooner or later. I'll post something up here if i do!