TONS of NEW ART! Come see!

2013-07-03 03:42:05 by Sabtastic

So about a month ago I finished this super intensive art class for University, and I've posted a few of the art pieces from it!

We did a bunch of life drawing with nude models, some self portrait studies, still life, and tried out a couple of unfamiliar mediums like Ink and Gouache. Most of the artwork was drawn in charcoal, since it was a drawing-focused class, so you'll notice it's all pretty rough and un-polished. We had really strict time constraints for a lot of the artwork, too. The class was only five weeks long. Hope you like those...! :3

AAANYWAY, all of that's a little further back in my gallery.

The art I have posted NOW is a Newgrounds exclusive that you won't see posted anywhere else, so go have a peek! ;)


Let me know what you think! I wasted a ton of time on it for no good reason, so hopefully everybody doesn't rip me a new one.

BELOW: A little doodle of another work in progress. Kind of an art nouveau rip-off for practice.

TONS of NEW ART! Come see!


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2013-07-03 03:45:52

this is genious

Sabtastic responds:

lolol thanks bro <3


2013-07-03 03:53:09

i just love the facial expressions.

Sabtastic responds:

lol didn't want to keep re-using the same ones--
thanks! B:


2013-07-03 04:23:10

Atta girl, Sabs~

Sabtastic responds:

Tee hee! <3


2013-07-03 04:26:28

An experiment... I see nice one

Sabtastic responds:

..And thanks for not hating it. haha


2013-07-03 04:45:59

nice one Sabtastic >:[

Sabtastic responds:



2013-07-03 05:05:16

I got tricked.... four times :o
Those facial expressions are amazing :D

Sabtastic responds:

Haha no worries - you're obviously not the first one. xD
Thanks for being a good sport!!


2013-07-03 05:55:10

Hahahahah, I'm 5-ing ALL of these.

Sabtastic responds:

It means a lot. <3

Cheers. :3


2013-07-03 05:59:13

with art like this you can easy be a comic artiest

Sabtastic responds:

I've done a couple comic strips before, but I don't have the quick wit and sense of humor to make them regularily. xD

Thanks btw! c:


2013-07-03 06:08:36

Don't worry happy cat faced sabtastics, if you be of the forgetting view count as Mr handsome cat meowolass be keeping track as well :3

Sabtastic responds:

hahaha I was SO confused when I first read this.
But I'll keep track too! Later on we can combine notes.



2013-07-03 08:58:36

Totally inspiring to see an already talented artist like you still working her butt off to get better. It's also interesting to note that imo, the sexy thumbnails has a more vibrant feel to it compared to your other stuff, and it's not just because of the sexy theme. The colors just shine more.

Sabtastic responds:

Shucks! Thanks man! c:
I loved your newest toon with the Mayans!

Regardless of the results I end up with, I think I'll be approaching my artwork a bit differently now. When I designed the thumbnail composition and colour scheme specifically to fit nicely into a small square, I felt like the overall idea turned out more aesthetically pleasing because I made the details count.


2013-07-03 10:02:29

I did not see that coming.

Sabtastic responds:

Hee hee :3


2013-07-03 11:47:10

Hope you can glean some new insights from the pervy thumbnail experiment... wasn't all that scientific, but, we learn by doing, amirite?

Sabtastic responds:

I'm actually picking up a lot of new (fairly small) observations---
I've never bothered to pay attention to the specifics before. Normally I put so much focus into the drawing itself that strategy is the least of my concerns when I'm finished! xD


2013-07-03 11:58:16

haha, oh sabbb

Sabtastic responds:



2013-07-03 14:07:23

hahaha love operation thumbnail, a very amazing and sneaky idea :D

Sabtastic responds:

lolol Thanks Peg. :B
I know it's been done before. Thankfully most people are being good sports about it.


2013-07-03 14:46:46

im going to follow just to see how this turn out, why wasn't i following earlier? well im more of a monsters and surreal grimy kind of guy, anyway i have other things to point out, and that is about the mechanics of how people browse the art portal.

for example i myself, keep track of what was uploaded yesterday, remember where i left it and continue the next day seeing all the uploads by date, that has cost me seeing so much dick girls i guess that is the downside.

the other one is limiting yourself to the uploads of the artist you already know, in which case the views are practically static, and with little to no change.

then there is the casual the real variation here, that x, how do they browse the art portal? do they put tags and go for it, filter it, or do they just consume the first 2 pages of new content? and if is this kind of people they will clearly stop once they fall 1 or 2 times, even if they wanted to click a third they already know it is a trap, making the experiment miss the scenario when they click on 4 images and totally disregard a 5th one because it simple wasn't inside their interest, but now stop since they know what is happening, for example CommonOddity comment on Succubus Gaze can help you know a lot of how do people search the art portal, for example he goes out of his way to search refined pervert art, and justifies it quite well, nevertheless we can see the process, which is highly filtered, so the ones rated E or T are left outside losing views, regardless of the thumbnail image.

there is also your name, you are not an unknown artist, at least not here, and there is people that despite not being followers may still click the images based just on your name, and there is also those that opens them all in a bunch so they are giving equals views to all the images (me), my point here is that since you cant monitor the habits of the people who browse the portal, your data will be quite unreliable, why? because it assumes that they enter, and are allowed to see all the images, and open them separately on new tabs in their browsers, while they only open those that they found appeal generating the diference, and there's no way to filter your fans, or people like me that opens everything, nor there is a way to know what method they used to get to the image in the first place, or if the initial intention was to search for that type

Sabtastic responds:

Man, I'm surprised there are still dedicated people like you browsing the art portal...! In an ideal world, I'd look at every single one, too, but I just don't have the time... Major kudos to you!
There's so much talent here though, it's really a shame that more people don't frequent it. Games and Animation definitely take the cake.

I like where you're getting at with your observations though---! It might be just as effective to ask Newgrounders specifically how they tend to browse the art portal. I personally just look at my favourite artists, the first one or two pages of new stuff and leave it at that. These days I find I rely more and more on Twitter and Facebook to notify me when to go see my friends' new content. I virtually never search for keywords unless it's to see how popular a certain thing is for my own purposes.

A couple of other people have brought up the 'regular follower' factor, too. You've definitely got a point, and it's something I didn't consider before posting this little series. Regardless of what I post, there's probably going to be a certain amount of followers that will pop in no matter what the content is. <I'm so thankful for that, by the way> The only way I think I can get past that factor is to average out the views from my previous submissions and compare each art piece. Even then, I think the older submissions are at a huge advantage because of the sheer amount of time they've existed.

TL;DR This is all super insightful! Thanks!!! <3


2013-07-03 15:07:04

or if the initial intention was to search for that type of image, so it leaves you without tools that implement any control, unless the page can provide you with all that date which i don't think it does since is too specific.
Also you could clarify in the description that this experiment is not to gain views, since as a matter of fact people, may even began to actively avoid other works thinking that they are "pranks" too, on the other hand it seems that by doing this you gained plus 2 followers (myself excluded since i am really not interested into portraits being of real people or fictional characters, nor character designs or concepts, so i will probably leave after i see how this test ends)

what else can i add? nothing i guess, we already known that sex sells, you know what would be interesting? if you could interview the Shadman and ask him which of his works have got the higher popularity, you know, with him being practically the uncrowned king of this art portal and all that, i mean seriously, his art covers all the pages of popular art and greatest art, regardless of score or views, im sure he can give a lot of input here.

also since i had to read the other comments on your pieces to make my points more solid, i discovered that you are not a 23 year old female, but a 28 year old dude, so the question comes, does that really helps you get more views? and is such a biased public really what you want to get as a fan base?

and finally good luck with this little test, i'm curious to see what you get.
disregard all the spelling horrors i mean errors!!

Sabtastic responds:

lol sorry sorry - I'll explain that last chunk there:
I was kidding about being a dude - it's just mildly irritating when someone completely ignores the hard work posted to blurt something like 'ARE YOU A GURL', so I tend to respond in a back-handed, sarcastic manner.

I know, I know, it's really counter-intuitive, but it's kind of a knee jerk reaction at this point because I get it so goddamn often. lol


2013-07-03 15:52:15

faving all of these, made me laugh so hard!

Sabtastic responds:

lol Thanks for being a good sport. B:
Sorry for the mild trollage.


2013-07-03 17:07:17

Cab you help me

Sabtastic responds:

For sure, what's up?

PM me if you need anything.


2013-07-03 17:08:34

You have to subtract one view cuz I checked my notification feed before ever seeing a thumbnail.

Sabtastic responds:

Hahaha - oh shit I completely forgot about that!
The little star icon up on top only shows a username!



2013-07-03 18:05:15

At first I was like :D but then I was like :( when I saw the pieces.

Good quality, though.

(Updated ) Sabtastic responds:

Thanks! lol sorry for the bait and switch.


2013-07-03 18:27:26

Does it count for me since I look at all your art regardless of rating or content? I just enjoy your work...

Sabtastic responds:

That's honestly such a giant compliment - I couldn't thank you more.
Seriously, people like you keep me going!! c:

Thanks!! <3


2013-07-03 18:51:23

haha XD, i see, i guess i become unable to get jokes when im in serious mode, so i take it all, but well i wonder now... does being female gives an artist an advantage if it is working in online art galleries, galleries with users that seem to prefer erotic or sexualized content? that could be a good valid thesis work for some one out there, maybe i should change careers and study sociology of art XD.

Sabtastic responds:

I can guarantee you, it definitely does help. Anybody who denies that needs to share their logic with me because having a pair of ta-tas in a video-game-related environment automatically makes you this elusive rare specimen that everybody wants to know about.


2013-07-03 18:56:01

Smart is conducting the experiment
Genius is finishing the most viewed piece!

Sabtastic responds:

Haha why thankyou!


2013-07-03 22:01:36

I have waited soooo long for this! SO LONG! REJOICE!!!!

Sabtastic responds:



2013-07-03 22:01:52

Were any of the nude models foxy?

(Updated ) Sabtastic responds:

lol not at all, thankfully.


2013-07-03 22:06:17

Old and wrinkly huh? I'm going to resist making anymore dirty jokes about wrinkles thank you very much.

Also, smart idea about the whole thumbnail thingie. Mindchamber coined the name Faptastic for you, I think it rather fits don't you? :p

Sabtastic responds:

lol Well, not too old and wrinkly. They all had really good bodies, especially from an artists' point of view. All great subjects to learn from.


2013-07-03 22:07:26


Sabtastic responds:



2013-07-04 00:13:31

I'm a random lurker, so feel free to ignore this, but I mostly enjoyed the Pokemon pictures. Dat Nidoking. =3

Sabtastic responds:

Aw, thankyou!
There's definitely more Pokemon stuff on the way. I've got two new Pokemon team commissions in the making. :)


2013-07-04 00:23:07

Hahaha I lost it! Love the plan you set in motion : D

Sabtastic responds:

Thanks Digs!! B:
Hopefully it wasn't too irritating as a whole.
Seems like I'm getting a bit of negative feedback for it, but overall everyone seems to be taking it well.


2013-07-04 03:21:26

Your art is pretty damn good, it could use some more ridiculously macho men.

Sabtastic responds:

I wish I had the ability to draw mega muscular sexy dudes..


2013-07-04 03:48:36

Shade you crazy, it definitively needs more hellish giant monster on post apocalyptic surreal scenarios! (no im not being entitled at all... XD)

i see so is the old "is that a woman?!!" phenomenon, well i guess it makes sense, stalkers will want to know how it was that you ended on their lands haha.

Sabtastic responds:

lol giant post apocalyptic macho naked dudes?


2013-07-04 04:06:07

giant post apocalyptic (hell yeah i like where this is going) macho naked dudes (aaaaaand you lost me)
but i can see the nightmare fuel, oh it burns the retinas!

(Updated ) Sabtastic responds:

C'AMANNN it'd be awesome!
They'd just stomp around, flexin' and gruntin' with their wieners floppin' around, bein' all macho and stuff---


2013-07-04 04:29:15

Completely fell for it. And after you told me about this little experiment a while back yourself. I regret nothing.

(Updated ) Sabtastic responds:

LOL Oh shit, I completely forgot I told you about that!!
Just re-read the comment, too. I should'a stuck with my original idea, there.

If I could work all those things into ONE image, I'd have cleaned house!


2013-07-04 12:22:13

Faptastic strikes again!

Sabtastic responds:

*maniacal laughter* >:V


2013-07-04 12:38:32

Argh, I'm leaving NG forever!!!! *goes to DeviantArt*

Btw, really nice work Sab. Even though it was all fake, the drawing overall is awesomely done. I really like how you used the turquoise background to make yourself and the thumbnail stand out a lot more. Kudos. :)

Sabtastic responds:

Pego nooooooo! I'm soorryyyyy! D:>
Don't go to the dark side!

Haha thanks btw. Coming from the master of colour, your compliments mean a lot!
Gotta love dat turquoise!


2013-07-04 23:02:14

Wow Doomroar wrote you a lot of stuff, any of it help (your insight into NG's demographic)?

On one level, the audience here doesn't matter, because they have little no money to financially patronize the artists (but maybe after they get a cushy job, and don't act all 1337 and boring).

But the Art Portal does matter, it just has a lot of young males looking, so the number of views and to a lesser degree, the score, is skewed. Advertising for the 13-18 male is kinda flashy, absurd, salacious, and low-brow at best. Fresh eyes see far, so any reviews received are quite visceral and honest, more so than dA, which is a candy coated, everyone's a winner, kinda deal.

Sabtastic responds:

This comment's great, thanks Vic.
I've noticed the same deal with a lot of the DA populous, too. It's really hard to get a good honest crit from someone unless you know them personally. Trying to constructively critique a total stranger is out of the question, too. hah

As for appealing to the 13-18 male demographic, I'd have to say I really don't mind it. I really do enjoy drawing women as opposed to men, and game related content, so if that's the demographic I'm landed with, so be it. They seem alright. :P I mean, those 13 year olds will age and get jobs at some point. :P I'll essentially be teaching them in high school next year anyhow, SO JOKE'S ON THEM. lololol


2013-07-05 00:38:50

Yeah, just remember to keep a measure of aloofness.
The sexiest art teacher I ever had... was a very good teacher, but was so distracting! A proper Catholic-raised Mexican mother of two, no less, but she used to wear such pretty dresses.
After a while the principal asked her to stop wearing dresses altogether. She was always used to living in a warm climate, and when she moved to the NE of the US.. well, she still wanted to dress professionally :\ She was a good sport!

Sabtastic responds:

HEH - Somebody was hot for teacha'! :V
...Yeah that's honestly a real fear of mine---sexual accusations or getting in trouble with students, I mean. It's SO SO SO fucking easy to get in trouble with shit like that in a teaching environment, I'd be so pissed if I wasted the past 5 years of my life only to get canned for some little shit claiming I was hitting on him or something. Another real fear of mine is being reprimanded for the lewd nature of my artwork. That's why I tend to shy away from creating adult content.


2013-07-05 00:50:13

Hey there Vicarious good point on the demographic, i assumed since the site was quite old, there where a bunch of 20 somethings here, but i guess the majority moved to Youtube (along with Egofaptor XD), anyway yes DA is hell for people like me, i have got entire comments hidden from the public, specially on clubs when they say that they accept all kind of content but the reality is an alienated homogeneous amalgam of constant repetition (yeah all these are synonymous as to illustrate), oh the diabetes that place induces, is like an eternal delusion starting with the admins themselves.

back to the giant wrestling men destroying cities with homoerotic moves, oh god no, NOOOOO!!

Sabtastic responds:

I kinda figured the same thing too. After meeting a lot of the Pico Day crowd, I sorta got to know all the Newgrounders around my age, but forgot that there was still this huge mass of 12-18 year olds around. I've noticed that the old 'troll' crowd we used to have here kind of dissipated over time, though. These supposed '13 year old kids' are hella mature, polite and supportive all of a sudden.

As for DA... I have kind of bittersweet relationship with it these days.
I'm super thankful for where it got me as an artists, and I'd never have gotten the experience with commissions I have now if it weren't for the people there--but it's just so over-saturated with dumb fandoms and pretentious porn trying to pass off as intellectual art that I can hardly handle it anymore.

The people there are super generous though, don't get me wrong-- very enthusiastic bunch.


2013-07-05 02:54:25

I was about to say something profound, but it's late :) But yeah, for reasons mentioned, I don't go to dA and have stuck with NG, especially since the Art portal's inception. I literally cheered out loud when they announced it, back in the day!
It'd be nice if there was a real-time, collaborative drawing app in the Art BBS... You got some pull with the staff, ask for it! All there is now is the Drawing Grounds game

Sabtastic responds:

Huh. Yeah I think you might be on to something--
The art portal in general has so much room for expansion and improvement, I wish I did have a bit more 'pull' with the staff.

Either way though, Mike's gone, and he'd probably be the guy to invent something super awesome along those lines. Don't know of who could get something like that off the ground otherwise.


2013-07-05 04:26:31

Collaborations on the art portal? man that is great! if there is something that DA has been actually able to do and i like, and would actually miss if that sugary filled place dies, is the "Exquisite corpses", those are so awesome, is all that is good made by two or more artist filled with dementia XD, if we can implement it, it would be awesome, that and a streaming video chat, so you can go and (if it happens that the artist are digital artist) see them make the picture, so artist A makes one half sends it, and then artist B completes it, and they can add different modes, for example in the traditional Exquisite corpse artist B doesn't knows what Artist A is drawing, but in this case the audience does, and the same goes for artist A who doesn't knows what artist B is doing, except for a little part in the edges when the drawings come together, then they put it together and the revelation happens, like a double streaming, they could do one where everything is visible too, the key will be a good streaming server, and file sharing service, so they can send the files in real time without major delay, that is a thing that Deviant Art doesn't has! or any other site that i may know for that matter, the art portal can also benefit for an option to make direct art trades between users, or the option to see the pieces that are being traded at the same time.

and it also has practical uses for the more mundanes ones that only browse the art portal for porn, think about the collaboration of hentai artist making live streaming and sharing, i know people will like it, the down side is that, that may push the page into a weird direction, not too friendly for a commercial use (even if sex sells even more than drugs).

so my man Vicarious, a real-time collaborative drawing app, that would be huge, you just said something quite profound there XD, the down side is that i'm not quite fond of forums because they tend to robe me of my time, so if it is on the BBS i would miss the majority of them, and would end seeing only the final products posted on the art portal haha, but since is just a personal problem it shouldn't matter.

Sabtastic responds:

Wait, wait -- just to make sure I understand all of that correctly,
it would be like a live broadcast of two or more artists creating one image at the same time...?

I guess that could work---
Could just as easily be an asynchronous step by step sort of thing--doesn't need to be live.

Artist 1 could think up a cool scenario or character--
Artist 2 could sketch it,
Artist 3 could do the lines for it,
Artist 4 could colour, etc.

I know it's been done somewhere before... Trying to think of where. My sister and I tried it out once or twice. I'll play a bit of devil's advocate here and comment that it's SO freaking hard and/or awkward to do if you're 'performing' it live as an artist. Other artists won't know what you're thinking, and since communication's limited, and you're thinking it all up 'on the fly', pressure's on, and you might not get a good run at thinking out your contribution before you draw it.

LOL IDK that sounds super pessimistic and confusing. SORRY I'M TIRED :B


2013-07-05 06:36:38

haha no problem miss faptastic (as it seems you are called now XD) the Exquisite Corpses be done with lots of time, other times they are done there in place and on the go, but the joke is the team doesn't know the complete image but only a little part that will connect it, and they end looking wonderful, sure most art stiles or trends can't accommodate to this, so your idea of artist completing parts of the work step by step can also work, and they can use the blind tool too if they choose, so they only get to see the work when is their turn.

the live broadcast is to add an entertaining factor, to let other users integrate themselves, its different to lets say ,watching a recorded video on YouTube or doing that using Skype and sending the file over the team members, and lastly posting the finished work somewhere with a note of the creative process behind... that would be extremely easy to do, and really, there is no novelty in there, for that matter there is YouTube already who has an streaming service which sucks but it can do it.

i brought up the example of the Exquisite corpses, because:
1) they are cool as hell XD.
2) very dynamic and realization is fun to watch and do for low level to experienced artist.
3) the thing it self was originally a game that just happens to improve the artist capabilities and potential (so it would be like a live lets play but with art!).
4) as a game it is mean to not take that long so people participating both watchers and artist wont get tired.
5) if you somehow screw up because you feel pressured it doesn't matter because is a game! so you really can't screw up, but if you feel that you did you can redo (or not you can put a rule that says you cant!)
6) it can help you relax as you just go and draw.
7) doesn't really need to have a lack or ban of communication, the other artist don't need to be oblivious to what you are thinking since you can still talk to each other or even read the comments on the chat, you just don't know exactly what the other is drawing, and even with that the team can settle on a theme before they start.
8) Exquisite corpses are by now really old, so it is highly possible they are being made already somewhere on the web, but i don't know if they where like this.


2013-07-05 06:42:37

continuation (man i think these are my longest comments on newgrounds now you see why i avoid the forums?):

Also sure if you are just starting and they put you a lot of obstacles, and you also wan't to feel like you are contributing or standing out, to be noticed, you will feel all the pressure that comes with people seeing how you work, but im thinking from the surreal arts part of the spectrum, and in those cases most of the is really difficult to see once the image is finished who made what.

but yeah i can see how there can be problems here if they do things like landscapes, portraits, character designs, fan art etc. So that is a good point you have there.

have good sleep.


2013-07-19 03:19:17

Wait, what lol? We lack not great thinkers, but great doers... @doomroar, I'd just ask deathink and the guy who made the Drawing Grounds game, to collab on something, though it might have to go through staff.. the 'shared stuff/used generated files' and the fledgeling NG Passport system, doesn't really look two-way at the same time, but there is that potential.

Pitch them both (and the staff for that matter), with the same carefully worded proposal in a PM, and see what happens. If it were a game and not part of the NG infrastructure, the lure of ad-bucks and a damn near permanent slot on the Front Page would be incentive enough to get all concerned cracking.


2013-07-19 04:22:33

haha, so you are telling me to make this a reality by harassing Deathink , Mattster, Mike and the rest of the staff of Newgrounds with PMs? i don't know man... hold it, this is just too far from the original comments, and i feel like letting Sabtastics's post some space to breath, it would also past as the polite thing to do, so lets continue this on your page.

wonder how the experiment will turn out we are close to those 2 weeks.

Sabtastic responds:

lol it's cool I really don't mind.
Gives me something to read. B: