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this is genious

lolol thanks bro <3

i just love the facial expressions.

lol didn't want to keep re-using the same ones--
thanks! B:

Atta girl, Sabs~

Tee hee! <3

I got tricked.... four times :o
Those facial expressions are amazing :D

Haha no worries - you're obviously not the first one. xD
Thanks for being a good sport!!

with art like this you can easy be a comic artiest

I've done a couple comic strips before, but I don't have the quick wit and sense of humor to make them regularily. xD

Thanks btw! c:

Don't worry happy cat faced sabtastics, if you be of the forgetting view count as Mr handsome cat meowolass be keeping track as well :3

hahaha I was SO confused when I first read this.
But I'll keep track too! Later on we can combine notes.


Totally inspiring to see an already talented artist like you still working her butt off to get better. It's also interesting to note that imo, the sexy thumbnails has a more vibrant feel to it compared to your other stuff, and it's not just because of the sexy theme. The colors just shine more.

Shucks! Thanks man! c:
I loved your newest toon with the Mayans!

Regardless of the results I end up with, I think I'll be approaching my artwork a bit differently now. When I designed the thumbnail composition and colour scheme specifically to fit nicely into a small square, I felt like the overall idea turned out more aesthetically pleasing because I made the details count.

I did not see that coming.

Hee hee :3

Hope you can glean some new insights from the pervy thumbnail experiment... wasn't all that scientific, but, we learn by doing, amirite?

I'm actually picking up a lot of new (fairly small) observations---
I've never bothered to pay attention to the specifics before. Normally I put so much focus into the drawing itself that strategy is the least of my concerns when I'm finished! xD

haha, oh sabbb


hahaha love operation thumbnail, a very amazing and sneaky idea :D

lolol Thanks Peg. :B
I know it's been done before. Thankfully most people are being good sports about it.

im going to follow just to see how this turn out, why wasn't i following earlier? well im more of a monsters and surreal grimy kind of guy, anyway i have other things to point out, and that is about the mechanics of how people browse the art portal.

for example i myself, keep track of what was uploaded yesterday, remember where i left it and continue the next day seeing all the uploads by date, that has cost me seeing so much dick girls i guess that is the downside.

the other one is limiting yourself to the uploads of the artist you already know, in which case the views are practically static, and with little to no change.

then there is the casual the real variation here, that x, how do they browse the art portal? do they put tags and go for it, filter it, or do they just consume the first 2 pages of new content? and if is this kind of people they will clearly stop once they fall 1 or 2 times, even if they wanted to click a third they already know it is a trap, making the experiment miss the scenario when they click on 4 images and totally disregard a 5th one because it simple wasn't inside their interest, but now stop since they know what is happening, for example CommonOddity comment on Succubus Gaze can help you know a lot of how do people search the art portal, for example he goes out of his way to search refined pervert art, and justifies it quite well, nevertheless we can see the process, which is highly filtered, so the ones rated E or T are left outside losing views, regardless of the thumbnail image.

there is also your name, you are not an unknown artist, at least not here, and there is people that despite not being followers may still click the images based just on your name, and there is also those that opens them all in a bunch so they are giving equals views to all the images (me), my point here is that since you cant monitor the habits of the people who browse the portal, your data will be quite unreliable, why? because it assumes that they enter, and are allowed to see all the images, and open them separately on new tabs in their browsers, while they only open those that they found appeal generating the diference, and there's no way to filter your fans, or people like me that opens everything, nor there is a way to know what method they used to get to the image in the first place, or if the initial intention was to search for that type

Man, I'm surprised there are still dedicated people like you browsing the art portal...! In an ideal world, I'd look at every single one, too, but I just don't have the time... Major kudos to you!
There's so much talent here though, it's really a shame that more people don't frequent it. Games and Animation definitely take the cake.

I like where you're getting at with your observations though---! It might be just as effective to ask Newgrounders specifically how they tend to browse the art portal. I personally just look at my favourite artists, the first one or two pages of new stuff and leave it at that. These days I find I rely more and more on Twitter and Facebook to notify me when to go see my friends' new content. I virtually never search for keywords unless it's to see how popular a certain thing is for my own purposes.

A couple of other people have brought up the 'regular follower' factor, too. You've definitely got a point, and it's something I didn't consider before posting this little series. Regardless of what I post, there's probably going to be a certain amount of followers that will pop in no matter what the content is. <I'm so thankful for that, by the way> The only way I think I can get past that factor is to average out the views from my previous submissions and compare each art piece. Even then, I think the older submissions are at a huge advantage because of the sheer amount of time they've existed.

TL;DR This is all super insightful! Thanks!!! <3

or if the initial intention was to search for that type of image, so it leaves you without tools that implement any control, unless the page can provide you with all that date which i don't think it does since is too specific.
Also you could clarify in the description that this experiment is not to gain views, since as a matter of fact people, may even began to actively avoid other works thinking that they are "pranks" too, on the other hand it seems that by doing this you gained plus 2 followers (myself excluded since i am really not interested into portraits being of real people or fictional characters, nor character designs or concepts, so i will probably leave after i see how this test ends)

what else can i add? nothing i guess, we already known that sex sells, you know what would be interesting? if you could interview the Shadman and ask him which of his works have got the higher popularity, you know, with him being practically the uncrowned king of this art portal and all that, i mean seriously, his art covers all the pages of popular art and greatest art, regardless of score or views, im sure he can give a lot of input here.

also since i had to read the other comments on your pieces to make my points more solid, i discovered that you are not a 23 year old female, but a 28 year old dude, so the question comes, does that really helps you get more views? and is such a biased public really what you want to get as a fan base?

and finally good luck with this little test, i'm curious to see what you get.
disregard all the spelling horrors i mean errors!!

lol sorry sorry - I'll explain that last chunk there:
I was kidding about being a dude - it's just mildly irritating when someone completely ignores the hard work posted to blurt something like 'ARE YOU A GURL', so I tend to respond in a back-handed, sarcastic manner.

I know, I know, it's really counter-intuitive, but it's kind of a knee jerk reaction at this point because I get it so goddamn often. lol

faving all of these, made me laugh so hard!

lol Thanks for being a good sport. B:
Sorry for the mild trollage.

Cab you help me

For sure, what's up?

PM me if you need anything.

You have to subtract one view cuz I checked my notification feed before ever seeing a thumbnail.

Hahaha - oh shit I completely forgot about that!
The little star icon up on top only shows a username!


At first I was like :D but then I was like :( when I saw the pieces.

Good quality, though.

Thanks! lol sorry for the bait and switch.

Does it count for me since I look at all your art regardless of rating or content? I just enjoy your work...

That's honestly such a giant compliment - I couldn't thank you more.
Seriously, people like you keep me going!! c:

Thanks!! <3

haha XD, i see, i guess i become unable to get jokes when im in serious mode, so i take it all, but well i wonder now... does being female gives an artist an advantage if it is working in online art galleries, galleries with users that seem to prefer erotic or sexualized content? that could be a good valid thesis work for some one out there, maybe i should change careers and study sociology of art XD.

I can guarantee you, it definitely does help. Anybody who denies that needs to share their logic with me because having a pair of ta-tas in a video-game-related environment automatically makes you this elusive rare specimen that everybody wants to know about.

Smart is conducting the experiment
Genius is finishing the most viewed piece!

Haha why thankyou!

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