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Prints, Stickers and Posters for Sale!

Posted by Sabtastic - August 16th, 2013

Want some signed Sabtastic originals up on your wall? Wanna gift it to a friend? I'm selling my leftover artwork to help pay my school tuition in September, so you'll be helping me out A LOT by placing an order! :)

5$ will get you a small 6x9" signed card-stock print of your choice (about the size of a post card)
10$ will get you a medium 8.5x11" signed card-stock print of your choice (standard letter/paper size)
20$ will get you a large 11x17" signed poster of your choice (longer and wider than the previous)
25$ will get you an extra large 18x24" signed poster of your choice


Shipping and Handlingchanges depending on where I will be sending your artwork, so please add that on to your order, because I'll be mailing them all personally:
$2.00 - Canada
$3.00 - United States
$4.00 - Mexico
$6.00 - South America
$10.00 - Europe + Surrounding Countries
$10.00 - Australia

How to order:
1. Choose the print you'd like to order from the list [HERE] on my DeviantART account
2. Send me a PM or e-mail me at sab0d@hotmail.com
3. Be sure to have Paypal set up so I can recieve your payment (my paypal is: sab0d@hotmail.com, with a zero) The payments and prices are all listed in Canadian currency, but paypal can convert that for you.
4. DO NOT SEND PAYMENT until I've confirmed your order, just in case I'm sold out of the print you want.

Prints, Stickers and Posters for Sale!

Comments (8)

cool art! I'm watching how you draw live a Raybot

Oh nice! haha on Livestream?
Man, that was an old one... I need to do more!

I would love to own and frame your Majora's Mask poster.

But ever considered one day making a Wind Waker one?

I have a dream of making a 'geek' room. It'll have a library of sci-fi books and manga. A video game station. And walls of fan-art all framed.

Y'know...! I've actually never beaten Wind Waker...! O:
I've seen people play it through, but I guess I've just never made the time for it. o_o

But the game room sounds pretty sweet! I'd do it too if I had the space, but I work out of my bedroom. :\

Allot of this could possibly be submitted to "WeLoveFine".

They essentially provide all the materials and provide commissions to you and the corresponding copyrighted companies that approves it.

It's adding a middle man but it makes work on your end allot easier.

Ah nice...! I've actually been looking around for an online print store I could sell work from.
Thanks for the referral!

Aww, you added Lady Kratos right after I ordered! Hmm, have to scoop her up next time :)

Aw, shoot. Sorry!! D:

"Buy my stuff because i'm a female!"

You don't know if I'm actually female... :D

So much to choose from!

Yoko Yoko! :)

I don't know how long it's been, but when you mentioned you wanted to be an art teacher, I kinda felt like, "Shit, all that talent wasted." But as I've seen you grow and learn, I can't think of a better place suited for you. Really proud of your commitment and foresight.