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Follow the Art Portal on Twitter! Helpers Wanted!

Posted by Sabtastic - August 2nd, 2013

EDIT: Moderators found! No more volunteers needed at this time.

Looking for THREE VOLUNTEERSto help me moderate the new Twitter page for the Newgrounds Art Portal...! I literally just created the page, so it needs a little TLC.

So far for moderators (aside from myself) we have:
Zombiemonkey / @ZombieMonkeyNG
EthanAlways / @EthanAlways
TheInnerScience / @Science_The
GentlemanTrooper / @GentTrooper

PM or tweet me if you're interested and provide a brief explanation of what you'll do as a moderator. Non-Newgrounds members will NOT be considered. I basically want three people to help keep up regular posts, sort through feature requests, and actively search for other Newgrounds artist posts on Twitter or elsewhere.

Feel free to follow us there: @NG_Artists!
This is your chance to get more familiar with the art community here on Newgrounds and follow your favourite artists! :)

Follow the Art Portal on Twitter! Helpers Wanted!

Comments (16)

Just followed it! Good stuff! :D

Cool, thank you! :D



good look with that, really twitter is one hell of spam crust, just by following 5 people, all my feels and condolences to whoever decides to take the position and actually dedicate itself to it, really they will need it.


I'm sure it'll pick up.
I'm always puttering around on the art portal AND twitter anyway, so it's a more constructive use of my time. :D

I don't have a Twitter account, sadly. Other than email, this is the only site I log onto (or trust for that matter). I've been saying (sporadically) that Tom should pay someone to act as a carnival barker, on all the NG outpost sites (FB, YT, etc), to get our presence up, and to associate our members on those sites (Tom could just make a post to that effect as well, but he had a letter from Nintendo demanding all Mario games be taken down, earlier this week...).

I do hope Tom, Mind Chamber, Renaenae and the other top artists and staff see this post of yours, maybe they'll pitch in! This is a really nice thing you're doing :3

That would be a pretty good idea--- haha but I'd be fine doing this thing for free. :P
I sift through the art portal all the time anyhow. B:

I think for the most part Luis, Wade, Jeff, and Tom all help out with pages outside of NG, so they've got their bases covered. :)

Cool idea! <3

Thanks!! Want me to feature your AMA? :3
We don't really have a lot of a following yet, but I figured I'd ask. :)

If LegolaSS sees this and posts here, pick him. Even if he does not. I'm not kidding.

Haha - I'll wait and see if he's up for it. xD

Thanks for the recommendation!!


Cool, thanks!

Wellll, I can't agree they (all 4 of them) have got their bases covered. Every time the site goes down for maintenance, the NG links they provide kinda look dead and unused... whether that's due to lack of NG member participation, or whoever has administrative access to the satellite pages, idk.

I should really clam up anyway, since I don't subscribe to any of them, though the Pinterest site looks quite rad.

Huh! I didn't know they were on Pinterest! O:

And yeah, I see what you mean.. I guess there's only so much they can do. There aren't a whole lot of staff members around anymore. :C

Sure, that'd be cool Sabtastic, I also plugged the twitter on my own. I have quite a few followers so maybe that will help direct some traffic.

Sweet! Much appreciated man, thanks a bunch! :D

Twitter is stupid and I hate you.


Cool. Now newgrounds has an airforce unit. :p

lol I'm not sure I get the reference, but WOO! :D

Smart idea Sabs! Which reminds me I need to get going for my idea thingy for the Audio Portal. : >

Yeah man, jeez! Get on dat shit! :B

I'd follow/watch it!

Holy shit Im so following this! I feel like I never get out of the movie portal much, but I am on twitter more nowadays! Nice initiative!

Aw thanks! :D

It's taken off pretty nicely so far...!
Not too much work, easy to maintain--

Glad you like it! :)

So, you nabbed ZJ and Hyptosis as Mods? This can only end up in awesomeness.

Oh durrrr my total lack of concentration! Yet another reason I don't post elsewhere on the web O_o

lol!! It's all good man. xD

Ain't got a llama, but how about some penguins to make up for poopy posts?