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Pico Day Meetup 2013

Posted by Sabtastic - April 2nd, 2013

Hey! Just a heads up that I'll be heading out to the NG Headquarters in Philly again this year! Hope to see you there!

I'll be there Monday April 29th - Sunday May 5th, so that means I won't be able to make it for the Pico Day meetup! :( If any of you decide to stay a little longer, though, I'm sure I'll seeya around the office or at Stamper's--where I'll be staying.

Be sure to drop me a line if you're gonna hang around in Philly! I'd love to hang out. This time around I'm planning to go on adventures and see the sights, so you'd be more than welcome to recklessly meander around PA with me while I do that.

P.S. The reason I'm being lame and not going to Pico Day on time is because my 23rd birthday is on the same weekend and I missed visiting with family/friends last year. Couldn't talk my way out of work either. </3
P.P.S: BIG THANKS TO JakBaronKing FOR THE EARLY BIRTHDAY PRESENT! <3 He gifted me the points to download a copy of Battleblock Theater!!
P.P.P.S: Check out my sweet new shades! Vnzi made 'em! Ask her nice and I bet she'll make you some, too!

Pico Day Meetup 2013

Comments (35)

They Look Very Happy ! :3

I guess we were!

I was about to pat your head softly in the picture :P

Also I am not coming this year :'(
Im overworking myself this month to finish my internship requirements.

Haha - my favourite part of this picture is Tomar's booty.

You're not gonna make it this year?! :( Aaah. That sucks man.
There's always gonna be next year though. Hell, I'm pretty sure visiting ANY time of the year isn't impossible, either. lol

Good luck with that internship!! How long do you have left?

I'm gonna probably go too!
I finally got invited somehow!
(They must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel if they want me going)

Cool beans! haha I guess I'll see ya there!
And don't worry, I had the exact same feeling of denial when I got an invite the first time, too.

Maybe ill runaway from home and go. I live in NY but of course those bastards had to move.

Haha maan - you're so lucky you're in NY! I'd kill to be that close.
Out where I live, I don't even have a handful of friends from Newgrounds -- they're all on the east coast.

Internship ends May 14th so a little over a month left! :D

Niiice! Best of luck movin' up the proverbial ladder, buddy!

Looks like financial issues are taking a priority for me, else I would have booked a flight already! Still, I hope you have fun!

Fair enough man! There's always next year. :)
I just baaaarely scraped together some extra cash this time, myself.

Even I got invited, what a B-list event this is going to be without you there!
There are sights in Philly I haven't seen yet, and would like to discuss art and education with you, but the cost to travel there again mid-week might be too much.

Ah, shoot - I guess we're just going to be missing each other by that much!! D:
NJ isn't too far though - that must be a nice trip. Too close to bother with an airplane, I bet.

haha I'm serious there isn't a soul within 500km of me who cares about Newgrounds where I live! xD

has it been a year already D:
man, time flies by so quickly :(

Inorite? ._.
...God, I can't believe how time flies.

Shit, I really wish I could go. Maybe next year.

Aw, no worries!

Can't wait to hang out again &lt;3

Yay!! I'll PM you for your digits. We'll figure something out. c:

I'd hang out, but I can't afford plane tickets and I have school lol. Ah well, maybe next year!

Aw, too bad! :(
Maybe next year then!!

lol @ ross


I never realised Tomar had such a magnificent booty before

Truly a booty to behold

You do that same pose for a lot of pictures don't you?


Your beard is coming along great!

You should see it THIS year! :U

Take many pictures!
Draw Stamper if you get the chance!

lol I actually already drew Stamper -- have a peek at the latest picture in my gallery! :P

Yes Sab I saw. However I mean more hand drawn.

I'm not coming off as well. Me no art speako.

lol It's aaaaaaallll goooood. XD
I'll see what I can do. Might have to sneakily creep up on him while he's cooking tiny cat meals for Sushi and sketch him while he's distracted.

Makes me wish I wasn't poor. Maybe someday I'll be able to afford a plane ticket to hang out with you guys sometime! :)

Some daaay!! D:> Sorry you can't make it out this time! :c
Make sure to save up for next year, okay!!?

they just dont make jewish asses like they used to

lol whoa, what's with the red glasses?

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