Update: New Art and Other Fun Stuff

2013-02-27 17:55:40 by Sabtastic

Here are a bunch'a things I've been up to lately. Feels like I'm due for an 'update' journal post.

I have a ton of side-projects going on now that I'm taking a break from doing commissions! ... It's kind of a relief to work on personal projects at this point. I feel like I'm finally getting the opportunity to TEACH MYSELF things that I actually want to learn. Never seem to get the time to do that anymore. It's always artwork FOR someTHING or someONE lately. :\
Anyway here they are if you're curious:

a. Inspiring Friends/Artists/People (Tribute Pic) (some NG people included)
b. Sketches from my latest Art Book (mostly pinups)
c. Indigo-Go's Drawing from Majora's Mask (obligatory Zelda fan art)
d. Valentine Pinup (kind of NSFW)
e. Some silly caricature practice.

My (other)younger sister joined Newgrounds! Check out her work here. She goes by pwneropwnage. Both of my sisters are artistically inclined, and frankly, I'm glad they are, because we all kind of work off of each others talent. (in case you aren't sure, the other one is Mel/Pickletoez) PwneroPwnage mostly works with Paint Tool Sai and a Bamboo Fun graphics tablet, but I'm personally making it my mission to convert her to Photoshop. Some of the subject matter she likes to draw relates to: Minecraft, Endermen, Original Characters, and Homestuck!
Drop by some time and give her a nice Newgrounds welcome!

I recently got interviewed! TheInterviewer/The-Great-One kindly asked that I answer some questions, SO IF YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT THE REAL, DEEP, MEANINGFUL, INNER WORKINGS that is Sabtastic you'll find it right over here. haha
But in all seriousness I'm a very boring person, so sorry in advance about being so lame.

Still working on publishing my silly little pigeon poo game to Newgrounds. MSGHero and I are working out the bugs and adding in some fancy bells and whistles so it's not such a 'bare bones' game. You guys are gonna like it... (I hope)! c:
Actually while we're on that topic, PM me if you're interested in beta testing. There isn't much to add at this point, but we're still nit-picking, so it never hurts to get another opinion.

And lastly; here's some sweet fan art from my good friend Art-Calavera on DeviantaART.
He's awesome and you should go look at his stuff.

Update: New Art and Other Fun Stuff


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2013-02-27 18:13:48

Awesome! You are my favorite female user! I love your art!


2013-02-27 18:49:34

Seeing your work is always such an overwhelming pleasure that it sometimes physically hurts lol. Can't wait for more


2013-02-27 19:51:22

O_O what lousy timing, just got Paypal set up. Oh well, later this year then?
Looking forward to checking out all those links!

Sabtastic responds:

Oh! Haha sorry if I made it sound like I bailed on you there. I'll still totally do your character at some point. I just meant in general I'm not taking on any more commissioned work.



2013-02-27 21:49:24

Beta testers will get an exclusive "I beta tested and all I got was this lousy" medal.

Sabtastic responds:

lol I LIKE IT.


2013-03-01 07:49:45

i swear i saw them silly caricature pictures months ago... nice lines as always sabs!
cant wait as always for your lovely pictures :D

Sabtastic responds:

You would be correct! ... I've been so busy working on other little things that I haven't been able to finish them :c


2013-03-24 13:08:41

Its been a while since I've checked out your artwork... and I'm pleased to say that you are still doing a great job. You will always be one of my favorite artists on this site, and I want to thank you for sharing your work with all of us here on Newgrounds.
Keep up the good work!

Sabtastic responds:

Aw, thanks man! c:
Sorry I haven't been updating a whole lot lately.. :c
School's been kicking my ass. It'll be done soon, though!!


2013-03-30 07:35:59

2,500 fans, congratulations! And such reserved and refined fans they are :3

Sabtastic responds:

AWHAAA - Holy crow!
Thanks for the heads up!!