Made my First Video Tutorial!

2013-02-12 15:16:35 by Sabtastic

Learn how to use artistic style to express character and emotion effectively
in this short 15 minute tutorial recorded, narrated and drawn by yours truly! :3

Check it out!

The whole thing got recorded because of a University class, so if it seems overly formal, that's why.
Hope you guys like it!

Let me know what you think!! :D


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2013-02-12 16:08:17

Nice! (I am not being sarcastic)

Sabtastic responds:

Glad you liked it! c:


2013-02-12 16:18:27

I liked it. i like tutorials like this in general, where it encourages you to explore and experiment as opposed to draw 'like' something specific. i think itd be worth doing this sort of exercise even in coming up with a new character, exploring the extremes of things could inspire you to find some interesting results.

Sabtastic responds:

Yeyy! Thanks Luis.

I think so, too. I'm keen on doing this more often, but I'm not sure what to do next.
Are you on Youtube by the way? I don't think I have you on there yet.


2013-02-12 17:05:26

nope not on youtube yet. i have a hard time just keeping up with my tumblr and facebook fan page. I need to get into a good routine.


2013-02-12 18:17:34

Enjoyed it immensely. This would be a good example for art educators to follow. Lesson plans are so bleeh.

Sabtastic responds:

Sweet! ...Well, glad it was at least engaging. haha
Hoping to actually use this when I teach -- maybe tweaked slightly, though.

(don't know if anybody noticed, but the example pic shows a Vileplume smoking pot - pffhaha)


2013-02-12 19:55:35

I really enjoyed it! If you made more, I would definitely watch them! :)

Sabtastic responds:

Aw, thanks. c:

If I end up making more I'll just put 'em up here.


2013-02-12 22:38:26

I don't have YouTube on my computer :(