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The Ladies of Newgrounds: Show 'em some love!

Posted by Sabtastic - January 30th, 2013

I haven't updated in ages so I thought I'd take the time to feature some amazingly talented and dedicated users here in the NG Community. They're all worth following, all regular contributors, and all super friendly--- and all GIRLIES LIKE ME! <3

In no particular order, here are some of my FELLOW SISTAHS of NG that spend time contributing content to this massive sausage-fest of a website. ;3


[Sucho on twitter]
If you haven't already heard of her, Sucho's a crazy-talented artist and significant other of HappyHarry, another superstar Newgrounds user. Together they've worked on some super popular toons such as Starbarians, Hiding in Plain Sight, and Song of Skyrim -- but she's also a heavy-hitter on her own! Her intricate hyper-realistic monster artwork graces the art portal and the front page on a regular basis, so if you haven't taken the time to check her out yet, you are SERIOUSLY MISSING OUT!
Go look at her gallery right meow.

[Jaxxy on twitter]
This successful lady has recently tied the knot with tomamoto, another super popular Newgrounder! Jaxxy (or should I say, Mrs.Tomar) never ceases to amaze me. She can draw anything - even on the spot. Recently she's been doing a lot of weekly live art streams (on Wednesdays) where she takes art requests from viewers! If you have the chance, I'd highly recommend you take the time to visit her site and subscribe to her and her hubby on Youtube.
Together they've published awesome toons that you really shouldn't miss!

[Caxx on twitter]
Caxx has been very active as a voice actor lately with the Newgrounds community. I know her best for her work voicing Zone-Tan from ZTV news! She works together with her bro Redminus, and they're Canadian, too! :D Not only is Caxx a talented voice actress, she also posts awesome artwork from time to time in the portal! It'd definitely be worth your time to subscribe to her channel on Youtube. She's voiced many popular toons that I'm sure you've seen! Here are a couple: [Wilhelm Park] [Nyan Caxx] and [ZTV].

[ReNaeNae on twitter]
ReNaeNae is a current forum moderator on Newgrounds as well as an active member of the community, and talented artist! She's usually seen facilitating a group projects, collabs, or exchanges here on NG, and always has something new and exciting in the works. Some of the works that I remember her for personally are: [The NG Art Worm] [The 2012 NG Advent Calendar] and [Too Scared to Dive]!
Drop by and show her some love!

[Pickletoez on twitter]
This one is kind of obligatory, seeing as this talented jack-of-all-trades is actually my little sister! Mel has been a little less active on Newgrounds these days, but since we live together, I constantly bug her to keep up with animation and her digital art. Mel, in a sense, is like my artistic twin. We both draw, but she excels in the aspects that I lack in. She draws 'adorable', I do 'sexy'. I draw 'fanservice' she does 'fantasy'. Together we exhibit artwork at local comic cons and exhibitions, which is one of our latest endeavors as professional artists.
Drop by! Leave her a comment! Tell her Sab sent you! ;)

[Nalem on Youtube]
I just recently discovered this gifted girlie when I was looking for users to feature in this journal! This talented artist-animator typically works with other big-shots on Newgrounds, like LeftHandedSock, Tomamoto, RicePirate, and Kirbopher! c:
Though I have yet to find out very much about her, she's animated many popular toons that I've previously enjoyed, such as: [Fenada 002], [Failor Moon], and [Draggin' Brawl Z]!
Make sure you drop by her gallery, too! She's got some awesome artwork there as well!


More Talented Lady-Folk that I have yet to write a blurb about:
[ cosmicdeath ]
[ morthagg ]
[ lovingthedark ]
[ morichax ]
[ voodoodollmaster ]
[ xxthumbsuckerxx ]
[ skarl3tte ]
[ comick ]
[ emily-youcis ]
[ jamsession ]
[ kashi ]
[ warlord-of-noodles ]
[ oink-moo ]
[ nicol3 ]
[ hnilmik ]
[ hania ]
[ artistgamergal ]
[ atheatricalsongbird ]
[ pixelcake ] <-- MANDIE IS MY PAL TOO, YOU GUYS
[ obliviousemi ]
[ wavechan ]
[ hikarian ] http://hikarian.newgrounds.com/
[ gusana ]
[ moondevourer ]
[ suncomes ]
[ shayl ]
[ troisnyxetienne ]
[ rupus ]
[ skaijo ]

Let me know if I missed anyone that you think deserves a mention. c:

(...And don't pay too much attention to the picture below.
I can personally confirm that the people mentioned above are in fact women. haha)

Thanks for readin'!
Carry on.

The Ladies of Newgrounds: Show 'em some love!



Main thing I took from this news post is that women have better usernames than men.

Haha - wow, now that you mention it... xD

Nice! There are a few in there that I've gotta add, myself!

Thanks for the heads up!
Can't believe I missed these!

Woa thx Sab! Although I hope s/o means significant "OTTER" bc otherwise WHOA INCEST GROSS LOL.

haha I guess I just assumed wrong. AAH


girls on the interwebz, impossible.

Totally. lol

How come you didn't mention LovelyKouga, NemesisTheory, ParagonX9, Theeketel, and Snowfender. By the way, I don't think Jaxxy is funny at all and was sorely disappointed with Starbarians.

last week sucho was a male.

u forgot Luis
(he'll need some ice for THAT burn)



You are my favorite female user by far

D'aw, you flatterer!! x3
Thanks! c:

You are also my favorite artist on NG

Heyyyyy wheres Em?
<a href="http://emily-youcis.newgrounds.com/">http://emily-youcis.newgrounds.com/</a>


I've seen her stuff - man she's good.
If you're squeamish you'd really be in for it when watching her stuff!

What about JamSession?
<a href="http://jamsession.newgrounds.com/">http://jamsession.newgrounds.com/</a>

Added! C:
Also, whoa! Neat style!! o_o
Can't believe I haven't seen her around here more!

Is it wrong to think that the ladies should get their own day on here? If yes, I all for it. Can't wait for all the men-in-drag animations!


hahaha shut up Box! She is my favorite user. She would be even if she was a guy I just her art style a lot. It is the shit

Some of my heros in there.

You should go and confess! B:
I'm sure they wouldn't mind hearing that. ;D

I'm a girl gamer too XD

luv <3

If I mention one I noticed ya missed..how do I know it won't start a big cat fight? :/

I'm not sure I follow.. lol

Kashi is pretty awesome
<a href="http://kashi.newgrounds.com/">http://kashi.newgrounds.com/</a>
she has come a long way from her first appearance on the forums.
Look for her to be one of the top dogs in the future.

This doesn't seem complete without warlord of noodles.

<a href="http://warlord-of-noodles.newgrounds.com/">http://warlord-of-noodles.newgrounds.com/</a>

I've seen their work before-- I can't believe I didn't think of her!! D:

Near-miss, man. Thanks for letting me know. xD

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