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Voting is over! The next pinup character I draw will be Yoko!

Posted by Sabtastic - October 9th, 2009

Thanks to everyone for sharing your input!

The pinup character with a rediculously high ammount of votes was Yoko Ritona from Tengen Toppa Gurren! I'll be drawing her shortly so keep your eyes peeled for updates in my gallery. <don't worry - the picture below is an old facebook graffiti of mine - not the pinup>

Anyway, if your character didn't win, and you strongly wanted me to draw her -- no worries!
These are all some of my personal favourites, so if anything I'll draw at least a few sooner or later. ;)

Here is a list of the results:

1st -Yoko - Tengen Toppa Gurren (18 votes)

2nd - Sheva (resident evil 5)Midnaand Faye Valentine(cowboy bebop) tied with (8 votes)

3rd - Lady Morrigan(7 votes)

4th - Jessie (from Pokemon's Team Rocket) and Ivy (Soul Calibur) tied with (6 votes)

5th - Felicia (Darkstalkers) (5 votes)

6th - Crimson Viper(Street Fighter) (4 votes)

7th - Princess Ruto(Legend of Zelda) (2 votes)

8th - Carmen (Gun x Sword) and Shiva the Ice Goddess (Final Fantasy) tied with (1 vote)

Thanks again everyone for your support!!
I'll try to have a sketch posted by Monday the 12th -- which is also Canadian Thanksgiving! ;D

Voting is over! The next pinup character I draw will be Yoko!

Comments (14)

Yay, Yoko... and that's not very nice, stanstheman...

That's okay - he's probably just having his period. :(

yoko is the best!!! i love your art &lt;3

Thanks - glad your favourite character won the vote!

You know who I voted for! And thank god Midna didn't come out on top, you'd be stealing all my pageviews! xD

You have attracted such pretty trolls today.

lol Yeah - I deleted that last one because I've seen that same message on tons of people's pages. LinaInverseFan got the same - it's just some douchebag spammer.


lol - what if I'm butt-ugly though? :B
I've never posted any actual photos on here, have I? ;D

ho ho ho.

I never saw the show...

I'll be honest - I find her clothes to be extremely illogical. Especially for the scenery I've witnessed in just a few youtube clips.

A large portion of popularity from &quot;Tenga Toppa Gurren&quot; is mostly fan-service isn't it?

Oh well - since there is no restricted age-limit to most anime - horny underage teenage boys will enjoy the short-timed segments of animation displaying promiscuous angles of female body parts.

She looks extremely stylish. Which is after all - one of the many positive aspects to japanimation.

lol Actually - to be perfectly honest - i've never watched Tengen Toppa Gurren either! ._.
I tried to rent it the other day, but I guess my local Movie Studio doesn't have it.

Go figure though everybody wants the girl with the biggest boobs and the least clothing. ^^;

Lol JakBaronKing-l am pretty sure that people watch TTGL ONLY to see Yoko's boobs.
I never watched much anime (and the few times that l did it sucked) but l like the art style...but yeah, some people are exploiting sexy characters too much just to attract more fans instead of actually putting some effort inot the anime.
Aaaaanyway, Sabtastic, you are really talented, you should be payed for your work IMO.

I agree about the boob thing.

..Well, not speaking from personal experience, because I don't swing that way -- but it sort of speaks for itself when you compare the popularity of anime with boobage as opposed to the popularity of the ones without. ..Even if it doesn't have boobs, they -never- have an absolutely homely main character that no one likes to look at.

Thanks for the kind words, Tank! <3



For your sake I wanted Morrigan to win, too! :P
I'll try to have her drawn when Yoko's done. :)

Only slightly disappointed that Yoko won, but I'm still interested in how your pin-up turns out regardless.

Heavy Tank, check out Wolf's Rain. That's a really good anime, and I recommend it to everyone whenever the topic of anime comes up. It actually made me cry.

Yeah.. I guess I'll have to post a re-vote or something after I finish that first pin-up. Everyone that voted for somebody other than Yoko seems sorta disappointed. XD

Thanks for your support! ;)

Well I'm a horny teenage boy and I don't watch Tengen Toppa Gurren. But I have seen fanmade hentai of Yoko. :)

Don't judge me! I'm going through a very special time. I can't wait to see your drawing of her. You make very good art and I love your drawings of women in particular. Especially the Rikku one and the girl who looks down at you. You're on my favorites list for a reason. :)

Hot dog! No Lady Morrigan-yet!

Well, everyone is going to be slightly disapointed that the one they wanted isn't going to be a pin-up. But we'll all live I'd like to think.

And your welcome. I do try to help.

Huh? Must have missed the announcement. I am glad my vote did not go to waste and Yoko won. I am anticipating how this new art will turn out. Best of luck! I know you will do an excellent job, as always. : 3

I never really thought about Canadian holidays, I guess your serious. So the French landed in Canada on the 12 of October, in what year? I'll research this topic.

Well, i agree with omegared your so hot, well you gotta be, because your drawings are really beautiful, and those drawings reflect on who you are. Well... at least i think so :P

I guess i didn't metion in the last comment that i loooooove moringan, and that i wanted to marry her... but i still think your hot too :-P