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Which Character Should I draw as a Pinup Next? (Hurry and Vote, it's not too late!!)

Posted by Sabtastic - October 5th, 2009

So I thought that maybe I should switch things up and ask Newground's opinion on which pretty ladies you would want to see me draw most. I plan to do another fan art soon - I just can't decide what!!

Please choose ONE pinup suggestion from the list and comment to tell me your vote!

I'll try to post a tally of everyone's choices this FRIDAY - and with any luck, I'll have at least a sketch up by thanksgiving!! (that's on monday, f.y.i)

Princess Ruto (adult form) - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (2 votes)

Faye Valentine - Cowboy BeBop (8 votes)

Lady Morrigan the Succubus - Darkstalkers (7 votes)

Midna (non-imp form) - Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (7 votes)

Yoko Ritona - Tengen Toppa Gurren (15 votes)

Felicia - Darkstalkers (4 votes)

Shiva the Ice Godess - Final Fantasy (VII) (1 votes)

Ivy - Soul Calibur (5 votes)

Jessie from Team Rocket - Pokemon (5 votes)

Carmen - Gun x Sword (1 vote)

Sheva - Resident Evil 5 (5 votes)

Crimson Viper - Street Fighter (4 votes)


Here's a collage of the characters I listed :
Note: None of the pictures shown below are mine. Just examples to help you pick!

Which Character Should I draw as a Pinup Next? (Hurry and Vote, it's not too late!!)



Great, thanks! :)

Yoko Ritona.

Please enjoy the remainder of your twenty-four hour span of time. - ( Have a nice day )

Its too hard for me to choose... because you listed three of my favorite characters. I vote for any of these three, Felicia, Ruto, or Yoko.

Also I make a challenge, remember that old joke I made about how you could make a woman who is super covered up look sexy. If you choose to draw Yoko, I would seriously like to see if you could pull that off. However, if you choose to draw Ruto or Felicia, keep them as is, there animals so the "clothing challenge" would not make much sense.

Hah - oh man.. That -would- be difficult..! Dx
And yes - I definitely remember that challenge! :P
Yoko is pretty much known for that near-to-nothing outfit, too! XD (darnit)

The votes are pretty spread-out so far though. I'll give it a couple days before i finally pick one.

Well, considering that the greatest anime ever is Cowboy Bebop, I'm going to have to give a vote for Faye Valentine. :P

Excellent choice. ;D
Thanks for voting!

Midna, I don't see a lot of art about her... and I don't really care about most of the other choices. Though some Crimson Viper is always awesome.

I agree! .. Mind you, there's a lot of art for her imp form.



Awesome, thankyouu! C:

Lady Morrigan would be my choice !

Sweet, thanks!
One of my favs. ;D

I would say Lady Morrigan she cool.... if not that then Yoka Ritona :D

Kay, thanks! :D
Those are the ones that look like they're getting the most votes, too. ;P
Maybe Midna as well. (so far)

It's becoming clear to me that I will be the odd man out when I say Faye Valentine. I've always had a soft spot for Cowboy Bebop.

But when it comes down to it, do as you please. Because redrawing all of these characters would probably be a test in patience.

One more thing. You really like drawing wimmin folk, adorable. :P

Well, so far you're the second one to choose Faye --! :D
looks like it could be a close call between Yoko, Faye or Midna. :O

my vote is for ivy

Cool, Thanks for the vote! :D

I've always had a <3 for Felicia!

Please draw her - that cute and sexy cat girl.

Morrigeezy, fo sheezy!

Your vote counts as +10! ..Just 'cause you're Stamper. lol
Morrigan's the one I hope gets picked, too. ;D

Thanks for the vote!

I think you should do, Ivy.

We'll see! :)
Thanks for helping me out.

Hmmm.... that's a tough one, either Yoko, Midna, or Sheva...... well actually you could probably do two or all three in the same scene, but otherwise I'd go with Sheva.

lol - well, best-case-scenario, I'll end up drawing them all sooner or later.
Probably not in the same picture, but yeah! :)

Thanks for the input!!

More I would like to add to Felica.

Video Game magazines often quoted that Felicia was technically naked with patches of fur to make a otherwise sexy bikini.

But see - I am a HUGE Monster fan. I read all classic novellas such as Dracula, Frakenstein, and such.

So naturally - the anime and manga series Dark Stalkers was quick for my taste.

And though all the DKS girls were hot. All were pretty much wicked, evil, or sinister.

But Felicia was the only one who is actually 'pure-hearted'. She even becomes a nun for the children. And the children don't view her as a monster even though she technically is.

Something I find inspiring for my own stories.

But what i really like was her fighting style in videogames - that SPIN attack was very useful whenever I choose her as part of my team in Marvel Vs Capcom 2.

It was always...

Felica (my ground attack character)
Sentinel (my heavy shield to let others regain health)
Jin Saotome (my main brawler - he explodes and becomes naked :D)


Don't get the wrong idea about me. I just find the other cast members for a pin-up too...


Felicia is just down right lovable.


It's a shame you only get to choose one. And I'm getting the impression your auctioning characters you actually don't appreciate as much as.

To get an idea about the types of NG users who vote.


Wow.. Hey - I learned something interesting tonight - thanks!! :O
I've never really played any Darkstalkers games / been a big fan of it -- but I've always adored their characters for how cool they looked. It's nice to have some back-story to reinforce potential art. C:

..It's actually interesting that you bring up the good/evil perspective here - I just realized that a good chunk of the characters I chose for voting are those 'bad-girl' types.. You've got such an emphasis for one of the innocent 'good-girl' characters though -- which got me thinking.. Do guys like bad girls or good girls better?

..Or is it one of those things that depend on the guy?

<<thanks so much for the huge comment! made my night.>>


derr :B

lol KThanks, Jake.

Crimson Viper - Street Fighter

I'm biased to sexy poses.

lol ..biased to the example pic I chose?

haha thanks for voting anyhow.

After thinking about this LONG and HARD...(and I hope that doesn't sound as wrong as I think it does)
Either Yoko or Jessie...

Yoko's getting tons of votes - wow..! :o

Thanks for your input!

I also would have to vote on Faye Valentine. I mean come on...

One more for Faye..! Thanks. :)

who should you draw?... welll lets see... Morrigan, Yoko or Ivy... why?... well i know what your doing and if your going to do it... you need to choose someone lots of people know... oh and btw, i would have scouted you if it wasnt for the darn early bird mess up... grrr... now i have to trawl thought my notes of scouts... anway... one of the three would be a good choice in my eyes...

I'm personally hoping that it's either Lady Morrigan or Yoko, so I'm glad we think alike! lol ..They're both pretty popular and well-known, I guess.

As for the re-scout attempt - sorry <:)
I appreciate the thought though! Looks like Mindchamber got to me first! ^^;

Thanks for voting too, btw - your opinon will definitely be kept in mind.

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