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Posted by Sabtastic - September 2nd, 2021


Hey Newgrounds! It's been a hot minute!

Hope you've all been safe + healthy!

I'm happy to announce that I'm finally back to my primary artist job of travelling to comic cons and artist alleys since the pandemic started. Feels really nice to be getting back to work after so long.. although international flights are still a little stressful.

Here's what my shared table from Otakon (in DC) looked like! I went for the first time with my talented friend Melora! (above)

Personal projects that got shelved for the pandemic are finally getting dusted off again, so I'm getting back to work designing new stickers, enamel pins, and that goofy 'Bird Crimes' Zine from a thousand years ago. Of course, I'll be posting all of that stuff here, so stay tuned! Already posted 1 or 2 new things in my gallery!


Here are the next few conventions I'm hoping to go to, in case they're anywhere near you! :)

Anyone planning to go to any of these?

  • Dec 10-12 - C2E2 (Chicago, IL)
  • Jan 6-9 - MAGfest (National Harbor, MD)
  • Jan 14-15 - A Taste of Animethon (Edmonton, AB)
  • Feb 19-21 - Vancouver Fan Expo (Vancouver, BC)
  • Mar 18-20 - Toronto ComicCon (Toronto, ON)
  • April 2-3 - Geeky Spring Market (Edmonton, AB)
  • April 15-17 - Sakuracon (Seattle, WA) <--just going for fun with friends
  • April 21-24 - Calgary Expo 2022 (Calgary, AB)
  • May 20-22 - Otafest (Calgary, AB)
  • June 17-19 - YetiCon (Blue Mountain Resort, Ontario, Canada)
  • July 29-31 - AniRevo (Vancouver, BC)
  • August 25-27 - Fan Expo Canada (Toronto, ON)

If conventions and big crowds aren't exactly appealing to you; totally understandable. It's kind of a lot right now, and I think a lot of folks are taking a break from large gatherings until things calm down a bit more. That said, I promise I'll always take everyone's safety seriously and mask up + provide sanitizer at my table, if you ever come out to see me! :)

I should ALSO mention something kind of new I don't think I've ever mentioned on Newgrounds before;

I made a private Discord Server! 🎨 🐔


It's a small artist community, and we're a really active little cluster of ~150 creative people. It's called The Birdhouse!

[It costs 1$ to join, through Patreon], and you can stay in, even after your pledge cancels / ends!

Here's our September calendar: we're planning a bunch of Drink and Draw events on Saturday nights, and we usually do the odd drawpile, D&D session, or game night in between!


ANYWAY; that's about it!

Take care, everybody!





Holy shit, Calgary!? I didn't know there was an expo here!
Damn, now I'm *really* split on whether to attend or not...I'm double jabbed but cases keep rising in the city like crazy...

Yeah! There's this Calgary Expo one coming up that's mostly movie stars and comic-focused, and then there's an anime one called Otafest in the springtime! That anime one's probably my favourite Alberta con. If you end up deciding to go to either, hope to seeya there! Just give me a hint that we spoke on here or else I'll have no idea lmao

BTW Calgary Expo was the second biggest comic con in all of Canada, before the pandemic hit! Not sure how things will be down-sized now, though. It's a pretty fun time, for sure, and they're mandating masks, if that helps ease your mind any.

I was planning to attend Otafest before it got shifted online due to the pandemic, and I naturally assumed that the other cons would also be shifted online because of how things were going.

I didn't know Calgary Expo was that big! I'm itching to attend, especially since I'm not sure how long I'll be staying here come next year.