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i would probably say you should do #2

Hmm... 2 seems more pinup like, but 1 seems more in tune with the character (I think). I trust yer instincts on this. Yer a much better artist than myself.


Decisions, Descisions..! D8>

I like 1 the best. 3 is my second choice. Glad to hear you enjoyed C-Thanksgiving.

...Yeah, I'm having a hard time choosing now, too!! XD

Also, thanks!

Do number one, please XD

lol I'm torn between the two, actually..
#1 seems so distinctly Yoko, but #2 looks sexier, while on the other hand, can be made into pretty much any big-breasted girl character.. :\

1-Looks like a witch on her broom
2-Well....boobs.Need l say more?
3-Just woke up?

hahaha - that's actually what my little sister said about it, too.
It's supposed to be a really rough sketch of her gun though -- as bad as it looks. :B

Happy Thanks Giving Ey!

-I must WARN you. If you never seen a DAVE cartoon...then prepared to have your intelligence fucked right out of your head. Unless you want to become stupid on purpose, I would not recommend watching this.

Well Choke my Goats with Ovaltine!
We are Cosmic Powers!
Can i have the Penis?
I call Penis!
<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/137052">http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /137052</a>

But it's FUNNY as hell!

I've heard of 'em but never watched... D8>
... .. I-I'm at a loss for words. o_o

Okay - now to stay on topic...

hmmm...#3 leaves much to the imagination.

She could be resting on the head of that giant robot thing....

Nice sketches, very cool&amp;

Do all three? I can wait. I trust you on this. But if I had to choose one I'd go with three.

Nice... Its refreshing to see a fellow Canadian on Newgrounds. I really think i could incorporate some type of story to follow your art...If your interested.

..To follow my original characters? :O
Aw, that's okay :)
I'm really flattered, but you don't need to go through all the work. ^^

I Genuinly like 2. I am a big fan or your work and trust your choice.

Thanks, I appreciate it! :)
I'll have you know I actually picked #1, though. ^^

The pose for #2 is going to be recycled for a different pinup. ;D

Do you play L4D or you're just a fan of the game?

I play that shit RELIGIOUSLY. lol
I LOVE L4D. -- I'm one of those players that freaks out when she finds out that her teammates can't get through Mercy with their eyes closed. ;P

lol Just rediculous. :B

oooooh, I likey number two. Im a guy. nuff said XP

hehe - yeah.. A lot of guys seem to really like 2.
I ended up choosing 1 though. The gun prop suited a Yoko Fanart much better.. So What I'm going to do is just recycle the pose for 2 in a different picture --- 'cause I like it too! ;P

Don't forget about bounty hunter Yoko ;)

<a href="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3578/3287219746_f657807425_o.jpg">http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3578/3 287219746_f657807425_o.jpg</a>

AW shoot. D:
This one looks cooler, too.

I've already started filling in base colours though! <:C

Oh good, l have the game too...do you mind telling me your Stead ID so that we can play together?

Unfortunately, I don't have it on Steam.
I've been wanting to get it for PC, only because the other half of my L4D-fan friends play it on that platform, but xbox is all i've got it for right now. XD

Oh... :(

What if you had her shooting at one of them mech thingers

lol but but but D:
I'm almost done already!! xD

cant wait for this to come out... i dont know what it is about sketchs... i love them so much :3... anway... il make sure i stick around and keep my eyes open on the art portal for this to get through... i should really check your profile more often :P