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Comments (18)

Too bad, I liked that Alien Hominid pic. :( Hope Tom can do something about it!

Duck Division did it they put gay porn on the art portal & hacked a art portal moderater

Way ahead of you on the rescoutting P:
JohnnyUtah even got unscouted which i thought funny

What annoys me is that this happened in the same 24hours in which i got scouted....

And yes; to what aerosmith below said; there were reports of dicks spaming the art portal earlier today (which i did not see fortunately )

Usually when crap like this comes along, the admins have it taken care of in a matter of hours. With this week being a holiday however, it might take a little longer. I'm not exactly sure ._.

lol, i got unscouted too, i liked your alien pic D:
hopefully they can fix this problem soon

The Duck Div are basically gone and not causing anymore trouble...
I spent a good chunk of the night alerting the administrators of what they did and trying to get them off of Egoraptor's profile. I really hate people like them...
This is not the first time this kind of thing has happened either, I am positive that I helped to fight off these guys before, at that time they had there own account named "blankscreen". That time they were only posting stolen works, but this is much worse. I can only imagine what they will do next. Everyone be aware of anything like this.

I love your artwork aswell!
Therefor It is indeed....on!


You really have to talk to Tom or anyone from the Amdinistration.
I remebered me putting you to my favorite artists but you werent there anymore.
So i looked you up, but the "favorite this author" option is gone.

But I've seen other hacked accounts recently.
Like egoraptors, for example.
Someone really gotta do something about those hackers and fix newgrounds.

I'd really like to put you back to favorites, but it's not possilbe right now.
Still, keep on drawing your awesome pictures, i really like them.

Aww - no worries man!
I'm flattered by how sad you were when you couldn't re-add me!! XD

Seriously, it's such a nice gesture to be so eager to fav me again. :P
Thanks. <3

This really is uncool, first they harass the flash portal, zero bomb everything in Audio and now this...someone seriously needs to get a life.

No kidding man.. I can't believe how much time someone can have on their hands.

Friggin' losers..

I say....Burn them alive &gt;:)

l````\ l ll l`````\ /\ /
l-----\ ll l ll ll / \ /
l \ l ll l`````\ / \ /
l-----/ l_______l ll \ / \/ Love your art btw.

-.- the mess of stuff is supposed to say Burn....but i guess i cant do that -.-

good luck with that~
tom has like 5000 artist at his neck right now...

Oh i know, that's why I didn't contact him.
If i absolutely have to talk to him, i'll give it a week or two to let the poor guy get through his inbox. lol

I contacted MindChamber, and he got back to me pretty quick.

Aw Sorry about the Dan Paladin thing I just taught it was strange how he Still wasnt scouted ;) but hey youre scouting Mindchamber and Stamper! :D

Thought I'd throw this forum link at you, since I remember your Hominid pic from the last contest, and you might get a kick out of this new one:
<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1100426">http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1 100426</a>
NG Calendar contest.
Closes Monday, I think, but I reckon you can still clinch a month if you keep it simple.

Just suggesting, don't want to cram stuff on your plate!

Keep up the great submissions, btw!

Same happened to me. I'm no longer top 10 in the naughty section.. the horror!

And all that to bring attention to my fav webcomic in hopes the author gets around to finish it.

-Messed up they deleted the alien. That was awesome. Annoying lil' brathackers-

It looks like you've got most, if not all, of your stuff back.

Gotta ask, despite being basic, did you get the quote from the machinima series &quot;The Omega Team.&quot; Just curious as one of the characters have said: &quot;It's on, It's on like donkey kong, or a rubber dong.&quot;

Now that you've been rescouted, will you scout me?